Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wild Animals Attacks

True story of shark attack

Shark attacks are not very rare. This gigantic blue monster can attack at any moment while enjoying on the shore of the sea beach.

New Smyrna Beach in Florida, US face 20 shark attack in a single year. Since the record begins, there is a total of 220 shark attacks recorded, Due to the increasing shark attack, this beach named “Shark attack capital of the world. “ Do you know what type of shark attack most of the time? Maybe you will Guess among bulls shark, tiger shark, or white shark. But surprisingly it’s Blacktip shark. The reason behind the rising number of attacks is shark migration.

How to preventing shark attack?

  • In the open sea, do not go too close to fishing boats or trawlers. There are more likely to have sharks around them because of the smell of fish.
  • Where there are more sharks around, you should not go there in the deep sea. Keep in mind that if you inform someone in danger, then they can help you immediately.
  • Always Be careful While swimming in the ocean, it is dangerous to swim through the horizontal or floating whole body on the water. You need to float in such a way as you are standing in the water vertically or walking in the water slowly.
  • Do not go swimming in such places in the sea where people hunting fish.
  • Do not urinate in the seawater. If you have a raw wound in your body, you should not get into the water.
  • Anything that shines in the light, especially the ornaments, do not get them in the water while swimming.
Things You Probably Didn't Know About Wild Animals Attacks
Shark around swimmers

How to survive shark attack?

Usually, People are not victims of shark. So if you take some precautions, you can prevent shark attack. Even after taking precaution if you suddenly fall in front of the shark, or if shark attacks you, you have to do these :

  • As soon as the shark is visible, you have to stop swimming and stay still. Try to keep track at shark movements, try to focus directly on the shark’s eye and keep the legs spread vertically; Let the shark understand your shape. Sharks generally not used to hunt people, so if you able to make them understand that you are a human, they may lose interest in attacking you.
  • Sharks can come close to you and can get your smell with their nose. Stay still, so do not panic at that time.
  • Slowly move hands and feet and swim while looking at sharks. Do not Attract sharks’ attention by shaking hands or move to much, the problem In this that shark can get excited and attack you.
  • If there are some distance between you and shark, then ask for help by shouting ‘shark’ or ‘help’ ; If Anyone does not hear your shout from a distance, then try to understand them you are in danger.
  • If sharks come towards you with aggressive Posture, try to punch its nose. Although there will not be much emphasis on the underwater punch, But try your best. If you are successful, then shark will release you for a while. Keep moving slowly towards a safe place.
  • If the shark bites you, then hit it with your fingers in the eyes or a nose, or insert the finger into nose then grab it as if it gets hurt. In this situation, it will release you.
  • If the sharks surround you, you have to understand that the situation is terrible. If you do not get any help from outside, you may be in big danger. So the main goal is to keep your body still under the water, try to draw other people’s attention with shout, scream and moving hand.

Wolf, tiger and lion-like hunter

True story of lion attack :

Recently a man in Colorado, USA, was running on a mountainous road. Suddenly, he was attacked by Cougar or Mountain Lion. He is very fortunate that he struggled with the Cougar and strangled him, he could return alive, though he was slightly injured.

There are Hyena, Coyote, Cougar or mountain lion ( also called puma ) are included in this part. Jaguar, leopard, Panthera and Cheetah are also included in this species. Among them, tigers, lions, leopards and hyenas live in deep forests, usually far from human habitation. And others live from deep or shallow forests in the neighbourhood of human settlements. But their common feature is that they are all full-time meat-eating predators.

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Wild Animals Attacks
Lions sitting over the vehicle

How to prevent Wolf, tiger or other Big cats attack?

These animals usually do not hunt people. But if they get any chance or they lack food, they will not hesitate to kill or eat people. The animals of the cat species are very strong and fast due to their formation, formation and nature. As a result, there is very little chance that single people can benefit from fighting them. So do not be confronted with them, they have to be careful.

  • The Coyote and Cougar live in forest areas or hilly areas around the localities, and they can also be found in the courtyard of the house. Therefore, you must be careful about these areas, especially in the dark.
  • Normally, adults do not want to attack a man, as it is comparatively smaller in the form of Coyote and Cougar. But small children may be their target. So parents have to be careful about their kids.
  • Coyotes sometimes attack domestic dogs. So you should keep an eye on your dogs and pets.
  • Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard are larger and stronger than the Coyote and Cougar. They usually live alone and attack the adult people when they get a chance or opportunity. It is almost impossible to fight with empty hands with them. So, who is away from the locality in a wild environment, should prepare about their attack. Especially keep an eye on the trees, because they are specially trained to climb and stay at trees.
  • Fighting with tigers, lions or Hyenas without any kind of weapon is absolutely impossible. Although tigers live alone, tigers are very strong. Indeed, tiger is the most powerful among the meat-eater animals in the land. No matter how strong you are, without a strategy or without the help of a weapon, you will never be able to get along with a tiger only with the power. The same applies to lions and Hyenas, as well as they are sticking together. But since they live in the deep forest outside the locality, it can be assumed that you will not be able to receive any help in danger. So, be prepared before going wild environment.
  • Be careful in the movement of snow-covered forests. Wolfs live much more in this kind of environment, and they are cruel and carnivore. If there is a lack of food in such a situation, and you are alone in front of wolf, it will tear you in pieces and eat you in a moment.
  • If you want to prevent attacks from Wolf, tiger or other Big cats, then move around with 4-5 or more people.
  • Never try to go near to these Predators’ Cubs.
wolf attack and tips to prevent wolf attack
Wolf in the wild

How to survive Wolf, tiger or other Lion-like Hunter animals attack?

If you are confronted or attacked, there are some similarities in the behaviour of the above animals. As a result, some of the techniques can be adapted to survive dangerous animal attack.

  • In case of animals who are used to live alone. Do not run in front of such creature. Because if you run, they will also chase you as prey. Besides, you can not run with them, and they will catch you within seconds. Instead, try to understand the mood. If it seems that the animal is not very aggressive, then go back slowly.
  • Keep looking at it if it didn’t go away and keep observes you then shout loudly as much as you can. So, they will think that you must be a tough opponent who is ready to accept the challenge and fight. They usually want to avoid strong opponents. So show yourself as a strong opponent.
  • Try to show yourself big and tall with your clothes or a bag. Do not fall in front of them, sit down or do not make such gestures. Even the attacking animal is far away, you should not climb tree for saving yourself because some of them are specially trained to climb the trees. Even if they can’t climb up the tree they can catch you with jumping and claw attack.
  • If you look directly in the eye of the animal, and if it takes away the eyes, then it is understandable that it is not so much interested in the challenge. But if it keeps watching you, that means there are the possibility of attack you. In that case, it is better to take away your eyes slowly.
  • If it stands still or walks towards you after your shouting or threats, then take a stone or stick and throw at them. But not into their body, somewhere nearby. They can leave the place by fearing your attack. In this case, make sure that you are not blocking their escape way.
  • If you have pet, hide it and keep it behind you, try to control it so that the pet can’t run on a sudden. If you have a child, take him on the shoulder and raise him up and say to scream. Some of these animals can come forward to test you, then do not panicked, stay still and make more noise. If you are attacked by lion then look straight into its eyes.
  • If it comes close to you, then threat it with more loudly shout. Try to find out if you have something to deal with it. Or if there is any weapon in the bag, take it out slowly and show it to him. Spray wild animal deterrent as soon as possible if it comes too close. If these predators bring the head parallel to the body and get its ear tilted backwards, then it is a sign of attack.
  • If the animal attacks you, then there is no way to escape without a fightback. Target its eyes and nose and continue to strike one after another as fast as possible. In these situations, you need to be highly brutal for the sack of your life.
  • You have to protect yourself as well as attacking it. The main attacking techniques of these animals is to break your spinal cord by biting your neck or tear your throat. So, keep your shoulder in a position that it can’t bite easily and continue attacking it.
  • Do not fall into the ground in any case. Keep yourself standing and try to fight. If you fall for some reason, then you will have to stand up again without delaying any moment.
  • If the wolf pack attacks you, then there is a high chance that their strongest one will attack you first. This is the leader of the flock and the most powerful. Its main goal is to bite your legs so that you can’t move. If you fell down, then the rest of the wolf pack will attack you. But luckily, if you can hit the first wolf and defeat it then the rest of the pack will not go to attack you because of fear. So first try to resist the leader wolf who attacked you first.
  • If you surrounded by wolf, lion, or Hyena’s flock from every side, then you are in very danger. If you have a rifle or spray with you then you have to use it. If there are more than one people in your team then stay together and try everything you have and shout as much as possible.
  • Finally Never Lose Your hope.

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