What should you do when faced with hazardous creatures?

Suppose, a wild animal came to the public quickly and it came just right in front of you.

Or suppose you went to any forest or natural environment to search for adventure or to travel in any forest or natural environment and faced some dangerous wild animals .Tell me, what to do? Maybe you do not know the answer, or you do not even need to know the answer. Because you think, you will never go anywhere on wild.

Recently a man in Colorado, USA, was running on a mountainous road. Suddenly, he was attacked by Cougar or Mountain Lion. He is very fortunate that he struggled with the Cougar and strangled him, he could return alive, though he was slightly injured.

It is not unusual for people to undergo such situations. In addition to the habitat of wildlife in many areas of the world, Apart from this, anyone can be attacked anytime. Also, you can face many strange creatures in a foreign country.

hazardous creatures royal bengal tiger attack and prevent tiger attack
Royal Bengal tiger

Most hazardous animals have some common features. In some special situations, they show similar responses. Only then can you be attacked by wild animal Such as:

  • If suddenly they enter the area of ​​your residence.
  •  If that creature thinks you are a threat to it or it’s child’s safety.
  •  If you have any food or smell of food on your body, they can chase you in the hope of getting food.
  •  If you have food in your tent, they can enter your tent after getting smell of it.
  •  If you Suddenly surrounded them and surprised them.
  •  If they are angry or hungry for some reason.

Since most wild animals are stronger than humans and dangerous. It is very difficult to survive from their attack. However, some strategies can be adopted before and after such situations, which can save a precious life of a person. So, it’s good to know them.

grizzly bear attack and how to survive bear attack
Grizzly Bear

Bear :

Although there are different types of bears in different parts of the world, they can be divided into three categories – (1) black bear, (2) grizzly bear or grey bear (3) polar bear or white bear. Apart from color and formation, they have different behavior and differences. The bears are mainly carnivores. But they can be omnivorous too. To avoid bear attack, some techniques have to be adopted.

Caution for preventing bear attack:

One must be careful before bear attack you or aware about facing bear face to face . What you can do to avoid possible confrontation with the bear-

  1. Do not keep the food waste or food in or near the tent in the wild environment. Even if you keep it, you should keep it in such a way that the slightest smell can not be spread. The bear’s smell power is unimaginable. bears can be smell from a large distance.
  2. keep talking or make some noise to make bear realize that someone is coming. Because, if you surprise it suddenly , surely it will attack you.
  3. If you see a bear cub alone, you can assume that it’s mother also around there. In that case do not panic for leaving the area. Quietly leave the area carefully.
  4. Do not go alone to the area where the bear is likely to be. Form at least three adult people or larger groups.
  5. Do not go around dead animals. If the bear considers it a food, he thinks you came to steal it’s food.
  6. There is a special spray for wildlife attack. You can keep it for preventing bear attack.
polar bear attack and tips to prevent polar bear attack
Rare Polar Bear

If you are face-to-face or attacked By Bear:

The inherent tendency of the human being to face most terrible creatures is to run away. But most of the carnivorous animals including bears are more faster than humans. So if the bear looks at you once, then you can not run away. If you run, he will chase you as a victim from his basic instinct. If suddenly fall in front of the bear, then stand still . Then you have to do a few more things at the same time.

  1. Try to show yourself as big as possible. Hold the bag on the head. Bigger and taller size of your shape , lesser will be the desire to bear.
  2. Do not look directly at the bear’s eye. The bear understands that you are not his victim. But do not forget to cry loud or roar loudly.
  3. try to leave the area walking slowly or walk backwards . Let him understand that you do not threaten him, this is his area and you have accepted his supremacy. Do not show your back to bear.
  4. Your movements will be slow. If possible, keep your hands on the head and slowly move on.
  5. if you have a dog with you then it may be start barking seeing a bear . Try to calm him down.
  6. If you have a baby with you, then take him safely to your lap at first.
  7. If the bear enters your tent, try to stay as clam as possible, and gradually move somewhere, so that the bear can find a way out of the tent. Do not throw any food to bear to protect yourself.
  8. If the bears have a bear cub around them, turn away from it slowly and slowly move away. If you think that the bear cub has lost his mother , then contact the forest department without give something to eat.
  9. If the bear seems to be standing on his back legs, then he probably will not attack. But he might want to see your reaction by chasing you. Do not run in that case , He might be testing you.
  10. If the bear stands on his four legs and his ears are tangled backward, then be cautious; It is the first symptom of attack. If the bear strikes you aggressively, try to build strong words using whatever is in your hand.
  11. If the bear attack you, then do not run. Because, there is no profit in it, only your precious energy will be wasted. Only run if you are very close to a house , car or safe place nearby.
  12. only for grizzly or gray bear attack lie down on your stomach , spread the legs so that bear can not overturn you and remain as dead. Cover the neck with your hands. Because, Bear’s target is basically your neck . After a while if it can not get any response from your side, then it can go away.
  13. If you do not see any signs of stopping attack in you by the Grizzly bear, or a black bear or a polar bear attacking you even after using the aforementioned way, then fight with the last strength to save your life. Try to hit the bear in eyes and nose, mouth as much as you can by your hand, elbows, knees or legs, and keep doing it. If the fate is good then the bear can be wounded and you can survive.
  14. if you have a spray then spray it in bear’s eyes or nose as much as possible. He’ll lose sight and smell for a while. With this opportunity you can run fast.
shark attack and tips for preventing shark attack

Sharks :

Shark attacks are not very rare. This gigantic blue monster can attack at any moment while enjoying on the shore of the sea beach.

Caution for preventing Shark attack:

  1. In the open sea do not go too close to fishing boats or trawlers. There are more likely to have sharks around them because of the smell of fish.
  2. Where there is more sharks around, you should not go there in deep sea. Keep in mind that even if you want to inform someone so that they can help you immediately.
  3. Always Be careful While swimming in the ocean, it is dangerous to swim through the horizontal or floating whole body on the water. You need to float in such way as you standing in the water vertically or walking in the water slowly.
  4. Do not go swimming in such places in the sea where people hunting fish.
  5. Do not urinate in the sea water. If you have a raw wound in your body, you should not get into the water.
  6. Anything that shines in the light, especially the ornaments, do not get them in the water while swimming.
shark attack caution and tips for preventing shark attack
shark surfing around swimmers

If you are face-to-face or infected by Shark :

Usually People are not victims of shark. So if you take some precautions, you can prevent shark attack. Even after taking precaution if you suddenly fall in front of the shark, or if shark attack you, you have to do these :

  1. As soon as the shark is visible, you have to stop swimming and stay still. Try to keep track at shark movements, try to focus directly on the shark’s eye and keep the legs spread vertically ; Let the shark understand your shape. Sharks generally not used to hunting people, so if you able to make them understand that you are a human, they may lose interest in attacking you.
  2. Sharks can come close to you and can get your smell with their nose. Stay still so do not panic at that time.
  3. Slowly move hands and feet and swim while looking at sharks. Do not Attract sharks attention by shaking hands or move to much, the problem In this that shark can get excited and attack you.
  4. If there are some distance between you and shark , then ask for help by shouting ‘shark’ or ‘help’ ; If Anyone do not hear your shout from distance, then try to understand them you are in danger.
  5. If sharks come towards you with aggressive Posture , try to punch it’s nose. Although there will not be much emphasis on the underwater punch, But try your best. If you successful then shark will release you for a while. Keep moving slowly towards the safe place.
  6. If the shark bites you, then hit it with your fingers in the eyes or at nose, or insert the finger into nose then grab it as if it gets hurt. In this situation it will release you.
  7. If the sharks surround you, you have to understand that the situation is very bad. If you do not get any help from outside, you may be in big danger. So the main goal is to keep your body still under the water, try to draw other people’s attention with shout, scream and moving hand.
wolf attack and tips to prevent wolf attack

Wolf, tiger and lion-like hunter :

There are hayena , Coyote, Cougar or mountain lion ( also called puma ) are also included in this part, jaguar, leopard, Panthera and Cheetah in this species. Among them, tigers, lions, leopards and hyenas live in deep forests, usually far from human habitation. And others live from deep or shallow forests in the neighborhood of human settlements. But their common feature is that they are all full-time meat-eating predators.

Caution: These animals usually do not hunt people. But if they get any chance or they lack food, they will not hesitate to kill or eat people. The animals of the cat species are very strong and fast due to their formation, formation and nature. As a result, there is very little chance that single people can benefit from fighting them. So do not be confronted with them, they have to be careful.

  1. The couples and cougar live in forest areas or hilly areas around the localities of the continent of the continent and they can be found in the courtyard of the house. Therefore, there must be careful during these areas, especially in the dark.
  2. Normally, adults do not want to attack a man, as is comparatively smaller in the form of kungar and cougar. But small children may be their target. So kids have to be careful.
  3. Coyotes sometimes attack domestic dogs. So dogs and pets will be seen in the eyes.
  4. Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard are larger and stronger than the predecessors. They usually live alone and attack the adult people when they get a chance or opportunity. It is almost impossible to fight with empty hands in battle So, in a wild environment away from the locality, they should take preparation in mind. Especially the trees should be looked at, because they are specially trained to grow trees.
  5. Fighting with tigers, lions or hainas without any kind of weapon is absolutely impossible. Although tigers live alone, tigers are very strong. Indeed, he is the most powerful among the meat-feeding hunters in the land. No matter how strong you are, without a strategy or without the help of a weapon, you will never be able to get along with a tiger only with the power. The same applies to lions and hainas, as well as they are sticking together. But since they live in the deep forest outside the locality, it can be assumed that you will not be able to visit their areas without any preparation.
  6. Be careful in the movement of snow-covered forests. Worms live much more in this kind of environment, and they are strained. If there is a lack of food in such a situation, if a wolf of a wolf is alone, you will want to tear it in pieces and eat it in a moment.
  7. If you have been able to escape from the attacks of the above animals, move around 4-5 or more.
  8. Under no circumstances will the children of these animals go near.
ice wolf
wolf and ice

If you are confronted or attacked, there is some similarity in the behavior of the above animals. As a result, some of the techniques can be adopted even if they face them.

  1. Let’s come first, in the case of animals who are used to living alone. Do not run in front of such a creature when you fall asleep suddenly. They will also chase you as a victim. Besides, you can not run with them; In the middle of the moment you will become a threshold. Rather try to understand their feelings by stabilizing them. If it seems that the animal is not very aggressive, then keep speaking slowly.
  2. Look at it, do not lift your eyes. If he does not go away and observes you, then keep up the rant or loud sound. The bear does not take it well when speaking loudly. But the above animals became somewhat confused. They think that you must be a tough opponent, who is ready to accept the challenge and fight. They usually want to avoid strong opponents. So show yourself as a strong opponent.
  3. Try to show yourself big and tall with a garment or a bag. Do not fall in front of them or sit down or do not make such gestures. Although the creature is far away, you should not have to fall into a tree. Because some of them are specially trained to raise the tree again. Even if you can not grow completely, you will be able to leave a tree with some tweezers or leave it from the tree.
  4. If you look directly at the eye, and if it takes away the eyes, then it is understandable that it is not so much interested in the challenge. But if the vision does not take away, that means he still looks at the possibility of attacking you. In that case, it is better to take away the eyes slowly.
  5. If he does not follow your threats and bullying, then take a stone or stick or other hard drink at your side and throw them away. But do not notice them, go somewhere nearby. They can leave the place fearing. In this case, make sure that he has a way to escape and you do not stand on it.
  6. If you have a garment, hide it and keep it behind you; Do not run it in any way. If you have a child, take him on the shoulder and raise him up and say to scream. Some of these animals can come to you to test you, then do not stay awkward and make more noise. If you are a lion, look straight at her eyes.
  7. If it comes to you, then shield it more loudly and shout for it. Try to find out if you have something to deal with. Or if there is any weapon in the bag, take it out slowly and show it to him. Spray the anime spray as soon as possible if you are near it. If these predators bring a parallel to the head and the ear gets tangled in front of the body, then it is a sign of attack. Before attacking the wolf, his neck will be sculpted.
  8. If he falls on you, then there is no other way for you to fight without a fight. Target the eyes and nose in these areas and continue to strike one step after another as fast as possible. In this case, you need to be the highest number of atrocities to save lives.
  9. You have to protect yourself as well as be hurt. The main goal of these types of animals is to break your spinal cord by biting your neck or tear the airway into your throat. So, shoulder shoulder bent by putting two necks in the shoulder and not bite properly. In this situation, continue the fight.
  10. Do not fall into the ground in any case. Keep yourself standing and try to fight. If you fall for some reason then you will have to stand up again without delaying one moment.
  11. If you attack the wolf, then the first one or two wolves from the flock you have the possibility to attack first. This is the leader of the flock and the most powerful. Its main goal is to bite your legs conveniently after biting you. When you fall, the rest of the flock will come to you. But luckily if you can send back the first wolf with some horrible hit, others of the flock could lose interest in attacking you. So first try to resist the wolf who is attacked by it.
  12. If you surrounded wolf, lion, or hayner’s palm from some side, then the situation is very basic. If you have a rifle or spray with it then you have to use it. If you have a few people in your team, then keep your back on each other’s back and keep a loud voice with a stick, knife or other weapon.
bison attack
bison in Yellowstone national park

Bison and wild buffalo :

They do not usually attack people if they do not bother or threaten these animals. But when attacking, they sometimes appear to be worse than predecessors.


  1. If you see one of them from a distance, do not forget to go close.
  2. If you come around somehow, slowly move away without any sound.
  3. Do not go to the food to hug them.
  4. When the bison or wild buffalo crosses a road, stop the car. Do not bend. Wait until the whole flank crosses the road.
buffalo attack

If face-to-face:

  1. Bice or wild buffalo will attack you without any type of prey symptoms. So suddenly if they come near them, then try to understand first, whether they have seen you or not. If you do not see, move slowly. They only attack you if you feel threatened. So it is better to keep distance.
  2. If you think you have seen it, then take a step away, again stand still. If you have good luck, then you can read the sate.
  3. If at any time Bisan or Boonamahish chases you, take it seriously. Keep running all the energy in the body and keep running. Although you can not run with them on the right track. So find out as much any possible as possible. Keep in mind that as long as you keep your eyes closed, their anger will decrease.
  4. Find high trees while you run, which you can climb up to speed. Or find a tall elevation, they are not interested in elevation. So if you get up on something high then you can survive. However, the wild buffalo occasionally introduced many endurance. He can wait for a long time to come down from your tree.
  5. If you become impoverished, then you have nothing to do. You can not stop them. So give the body as much as possible, with a roundabout, keep the head covered with the hand and let it run smoothly. If fate is very good, then he will lose interest once. You can hit him with the eye, you can beat him with a knife – but he will not accept it, but with the last strength of his body, you will want to kill him.

Both of them are very stubborn and stubborn, do not want to be easily defeated. Even the terrible carnivores also run away when they are hit properly, but they are even worse than them. No injuries can strike them. Even in some cases, the wild buffalo is shot, but it is the record of chasing people with the wounds of those shoots. So the best option is not to go around them.

crocodile from nile

Crocodiles and alligators :

In areas where crocodiles and alligators are more likely, there should be very carefully around any kind of pond, and should not be able to swim or swim in a water body without confirmation. They could have wet wetlands in the vicinity of the water bodies.

Crocodile or aligitators are not too fast. So if they chase them, then they will run straight. Many people think that to run from a crocodile or an aligator, it is possible to run on a rugged path. However, the notion of this concept was not found. It is enough for a mature man to run out of his hand. Moreover, they can not run long; A little bit tired of running.

Crocodiles or alleggers usually do not chase people to prey, but only if they feel threatened for their own area. But running with them, you could be champion but got into the water but you can not do anything with them. So stay at least 20-30 feet away from the edge of the pond. Because, if they are near the pond, they will be able to swiftly and swiftly pull you or your companion to the water below that you will not find any. And if they can take the victim down to the water in some way, then perhaps the only way to end her hope of survival is the only way.

Crocodile or alligators are very hard to cover, so they can not be easily hit. So if they bite, the only way is to hit the eye or try to poke loudly. If luck is good, then it will open their mouth. Besides, no matter how much you try, there is no way to get rid of them. Because their jaws are the world’s strongest jaw!

cobra snake
king cobra snake

Snakes and toxic spiders :

There are numerous species of snakes and spiders. Many of these species are poisonous.


  1. Do not go near the spider’s nets, or you will not take any spider hands without knowing.
  2. While walking in the woods, considering the poisonous animals, the flower shawls, flower pants and hiking boots should be dropped. Then the chance of getting damaged by toxic organisms decreased.
  3. Walk on the walk while walking or occasionally hit the feet on the ground. If you have a snake around it, then you can go away.
  4. Snakes usually lie in the shade of trees or trees, in the trees or in the upper part of the grass, tall or medium height. Be careful while walking through these.
  5. Put a long cloth or compression bandage in your bag or with a rope or body part as a warning.
  6. Take adequate security inside the tent while you are tentatively at night. Sapers may also come to the tent to eat insects, frogs, rats and so on.
poisonous spider
poisonous spider

If you face or bite you:

  1. You do not know which spider or snake is poisonous. So any bite must be taken seriously.
  2. If you encounter a snake, make him run away from the snake. Snakes do not want to get unnecessary trouble. But if you feel nervous or unsafe, you can attack. So you move away slowly and quietly, and give him a chance to escape somewhere.
  3. If the snake seems invasive, then you can walk towards the back of the snake and walk behind. You can turn away after going a bit, but it will be better to walk fast and safe.
  4. Snake or antakonda species are not poisonous, but they are bigger and stronger in shape, and try to strangle the victim and stroke it. They usually do not target adults when they are not compelled. However, children can be their easy prey. Keep your child learning that if you catch such a big snake, you need to cry out loud. And if they try to tie you in an awkward position, then fight it from the very first. Do not let him coil around your body in any way. If you try to spit from one side, you try to knock down his mouth and turn the jaw off. Once upon a time chasing him, he ran away and ran away. Although the job will not be very easy.
  5. If you find the snake bites, then you can read this article in ROR Bengal for details.
  6. Toxic spiders or bees bite or hull, similar procedures have to be followed. But should remember the structure, shape, color, etc. of the toxic animal that bites, or if possible, take the photograph as soon as possible and should go to the doctor as soon as possible.
elephant attack
Elephant playing with mud

Elephants and rhinoceros :

Elephants are the most prominent animals in the land. Then there is the rhinoceros. They are not usually hunted by animals, except humans. So if they have an enemy, then one of them is one of the enemies. But elephants are very intelligent animals. They can remember the appearance of people


The only way to prevent the attack of these two animals is not to go to them. But elephants have very close eyes in the direction of skilled guide. But going to goondara is not a good idea as any. Rhinoceros

rhinoceros attack
Rhinoceros with it’s sharp horns

Face-to-face or infected:

  1. Gondara’s eyesight is weak. You will not see from a distance. Almost sure to attack almost certainly.
  2. If the elephant does not feel friendly, watch him well. Elephants often experiment with light chases for two times a day. So, stand in the place of your hand while you go to the elephants and talk loudly for her. If you have medium-sized trees at hand try to shake it. She is more likely to stop. If the elephant is moving, then perhaps he will try to chase you. But if both of his ears are bent towards the back and his turtle is tilted inward, then it is a sign of true attack. If you are really attacking, then run your life. Although the elephant can speed up, it can not easily change direction because it is too heavy. So run on a rugged path, elephants will be confused. Find a big hide and cover it if possible.
  3. If you go too close to the rhythm and feel it offensive, then try to show yourself bigger and keep on screaming loudly. If it does not work, if you chase after the ganga, then run fast. He will not follow you on a long road. Try to run on trees or a large stone or a bush, and it will lose its gondola. If there is something bigger than the ganga and you are running while running, try it. Finally try to hide behind a large size. Rhino can not find you easily.
bee and poison

Bees and wasps :

They do not bite anyone unless they are usually annoyed. Maybe you are passing by Mouchak or Butterfly DB, when you attack someone else or another animal in their home, you may have to pay for it.


  1. If they wear black or dark shades, they are more attracted. Or the smell of your perfumes or the decoration of the ornaments you wear can attract them to you.
  2. If you understand that you are passing by their habitat or if they hear the sound of flying in the air, then avoid that path.

Enclosing or attacking:

  1. Keep calm and quiet. If they are moving or sounded they will be attracted. If all bees break and break down the bees, and you fall in them, then slowly try to fall asleep in the body and keep the body covered as soon as possible with the cloth.
  2. If you are bitten by a bee or a wasp, then bite it if it is bitten. Do not crush and do not crush, the extract that extracted from the body of your body will attract others to you.
  3. If you are looking for a shelter near you, run fast and take refuge there.
  4. If there is rough wind, then try to move towards the wind.
  5. Protect your eyes and face as far as possible. If the hula is blown out after biting, remove it from the skin.
  6. Although some species of bees are relatively low in the poison, you may become sick due to excessive bite. However, the poisonous and painful bites of beep or bhimurul are very poisonous and painful. There may be several canister bumps till your death. So without delay, you should be quick to seek a doctor without fully trusting home treatment.
pig attck
Wild pigs

Wild pigs :

The number of wild pigs in the world is increasing. As a result people often face them in different parts of the world. They are quite violent. But the hope is that if they are cornered, they will attack you only if they are insecure or afraid.

If face-to-face:

  1. Try to walk towards the side of the pig and walk towards the side.
  2. Do not bully, keep talking, and keep moving. Make it a way to move away without cornering it.
  3. Try chasing a tree or going to the roof of a huge stone or car.
  4. If he has a child around the pig, then he will try to hurt you very badly. If you do not find any shelter, then prepare to fight fiercely.
  5. The best advantage would be to have a sharp hand while fighting. Do not let the pig fall to the ground, so be careful, it will be more encouraged. In most cases, wild pigs leave them again within a minute to attack the people.
  6. Wild pigs have sharp teeth, try to protect yourself as much as possible from it.
african wild dog attack
African wild dog

Dogs and wild dogs :

Do not think dogs are very animate creatures that all dogs are anchored. Some dogs may be brutally killing you.


  1. Beware of access to protected areas that are prohibited. Do not go to yourself without knowing or entering without permission.
  2. Dog breeding season dogs can behave abnormally. It is better to maintain a safe distance from the dog during this time.
  3. If you have heard of rabid dogs in the area, you should not be traveling outside without your needs before being properly treated or imprisoned.

If face-to-face:

  1. Do not run a stranger if you challenge him. Talk to the dog in the voice of authority and instruct you to move away.
  2. If the dog is very aggressive and dangerous, then he can attack you. In that case you have to fight.
  3. While fighting, keep on speaking loudly so that people around you come forward to help you. Possible to poke dog eyes if possible. If they are more in number and are able to throw you on the ground, try to protect the head, face and neck with the help of hands and shoulders.
  4. Wild dogs (African wild dogs) flock to the ground. But they are usually not used to hunting people. But if you decide to hunt, you will not have enough to do if you are alone and unarmed. Only a few minutes of one of them will make you lose. So it is better to avoid them. When one of them falls in front of the group, stabilize and try to get away from them very slowly by looking at them. But do not look directly into the eye and do not just draw their attention. If you have good luck, they will leave you.

Preparation :

Wildlife is such a behavior that it is better to avoid them than to deal with arms. But if you go to an unknown environment, it is a good idea to make some preparation. You must understand the above-mentioned texts, to deal with most of the wild animals, to adopt some of the same techniques. They may be:

axe and knife for protection
axe and knife
  • Carry a knife, stick or rifle for self defense.
  • Keep with anime spray.
  • Not giving food to the wild animals.
  • The camera flash can make them excite while taking photos. So take pictures carefully.
  • Hold with First Aid Kit or Primary Medical Equipment.
  • Falling loosely, so that your shape looks bigger. In all situations, try to show yourself big and tall.
  • Do not urinate in the forest-bamboo where there is urine. Hunting animals may be attracted by their smell.
  • Be adequate for tent camping and do not keep food inside the tent.
  • If you see wildlife, running can not be started in any way. Stay as close as possible and keep your head cool. When faced with cold weather, the chance of survival is about fifty percent. If the head is heated, then the potential may come down to the void. For most animals, it should be avoided looking directly at the eyes. Because they take it as threats or challenges. Remember, if a child is with a creature, then no animal will not care about his life. In this situation, he can show a few times more cruelty than usual. So be careful when seeing a wild animal child.
  • If necessary, keep the tree ready.
  • The car must be near the vehicle while it is running.
  • Those predatory animals who want to fight a strong opponent will have to show strength. It is necessary to prove yourself strong by challenging and screaming, if necessary.
  • If you start fighting, it will be the highest level of brutality and fight for life. Do not fall on the ground and your main goal is to see the eyes of the animal. Because, it is a weak organ of all creatures.

The above strategies that will work for 100 percent, are not guaranteed. But these have been available from human experience for hundreds of years. If you know some of these techniques and apply them on a cold head according to the situation, maybe one or more lives can survive.

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