what does lure enchantment do in Minecraft?


You probably wonder what does lure do in Minecraft? Basically, lure enchantment decreases the time to catch something like fish or pigs etc. For example, if you need 5-30 seconds to catch a fish based on your level, lure can decrease the timing to 5-15 seconds. So the primary function of lure enchantment is to increase the speed of fishing. The maximum level of lure is three. That means you can enchant a fishing rod up to lure III. the higher the level goes, the more powerful the enchantment will be. So cutting catch time by half is pretty good considering especially if you do a lot of fishing in Minecraft.


Minecraft is a game that can be played in many different ways. You might use only lure enchantment for fish farming or use the luck of the sea for treasure hunting or use combing them. But what if you want to get right down to basics? This article will help you learn how the lure enchantment works on Minecraft, the combination for the better fishing rod, the trick to catching more treasure or fish and everything about lure in Minecraft.

What is the lure for animals and fish in Minecraft?

A lure can be used in Minecraft to attract fish or animals necessary for a successful animal and fish farm. The lure enchantment does this by sending out pulses that emanate from an item and show it as shiny. Animals will move towards items they find irresistible; Once the player finds the type of bait their desired creature likes, then all they need to do is place it on a fishing rod or within reach so that the target moves closer to them. Once close enough, one should cast their line into the water with fish (in natural pools) or at cows/villagers above ground level- catching these entities becomes easier once you have lured them over!

What does the lure enchantment do in Minecraft?

If you use a fishing rod, then it will reduce catch time by half with lure maximum level III, which we mentioned before. But if you use bait for luring animals like pig, cow, chicken, villagers, then you need to apply appropriate bait for luring.


The lure enhanced bait in Minecraft brings a nearby animal to the player. What happens next depends on what type of animal it is; for example, if you use the lure enchantment with an apple near pigs, they will gather around and start eating from that apple when it’s close enough to them. If you want to get a cow or chicken closer while using the Lure enchantments, then put some hay down so they can eat that too!

what does lure enchantment do in Minecraft?
lure enchanting by fishing rod

How does lure work in Minecraft?

There are two ways to use lure in the game. One way is by using a fishing rod, by which you can catch faster, even grab better loot every time with combining elements. You can use an enchanting table, anvil, or game command to add lure to any fishing rod.

The other way to lure animals or fish is with specific items like berries or meat, which will make animals come closer to you. You can also set up traps so that they’ll be lured into them! For these methods to work, it’s important not only what bait you’re using but also; the type of animal that might need specific types of bait at different times, e.g. during daytime (or night).

Type 1: Lure with the fishing rod

Is lure enchantment worth trying?

Yes, it’s worth using resources on lure enchantment if you are looking for lots of fish but less trash and treasure. It will definitely be worth trying if you have Luck of The Sea enchantment already because it increases the chance of getting enchanted books, fishing rods and bows etc.


Also, lure will be beneficial if you want to catch fish without going into the water to bring them out.

Is lure works only with fish or both fish and treasure?

Lure only faster the fishing rate, it has no relationship with getting fish or treasure or junk items. It’s the luck of the sea which shifts your chance of catching junk items to treasure and fish. So combining both lure and luck of the sea will give you the best result.

Should I combine the lure and luck of the sea enchant?

Yes, it would help if you combined both lure and luck of sea to get better loot. Lure increases catch rate while luck of the sea increases the chance of better loot.

Elements for good loot and unbreakable fishing rod in Minecraft?

We recommend using a rod with Lure III, Luck of the Sea III, Unbreaking III & Mending. During the test, it never breaks and grabs a great loot every time. Although you needn’t use both mending and unbreaking, you can use one of them, but we tried combining them for better results.


Enchant Command for fishing rod?

Enchant Command for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac): Version: ( 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16 )

/enchant <targets> <enchantment> [level]

Enchant Command for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac): Version: (1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12)

/enchant <player> <enchantment> [level]
/enchant <player> <enchantmentID> [level]

Enchant Command for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One Edition, PS4 Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition

/enchant <player> <enchantmentName> [level]
/enchant <player> <enchantmentID> [level]

Type 2: Lure with bait

How to lure animals in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are many ways to lure animals that may be found nearby. One of the most popular and most accessible methods is using a tamed wolf on an iron chain with some raw chicken tied onto it as bait. Lure in Minecraft will attract any type of animal such as pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, or even villagers if they’re close enough! The trick is finding what the desired creature prefers. A pig won’t eat anything but apples, so you’ll need something like carrots for other types of animals like cows and llamas who don’t prefer food from trees at all!

Baits used to lure animals in Minecraft?

Fishing: Players can use the fish they caught to lure animals from afar by throwing it in their preferred direction. Fish must always be used when trying to catch aquatic animals such as fish or squid. The perk about this method is that players don’t limit how many fishes they can carry out from an ocean biome. Once the player has caught their desired fish, they can go back to a safe zone and use any bait again.

Berries: The berries will lure forest-dwelling animals like deer or moose, but it’s not as effective for other types of animals such as wolves. It might be hard to carry what you find in an area without getting attacked by them!


Raw Meat: Players have more options when using meat because it applies to most animals, including tamed mobs (e.g., cows). However, players should make sure there isn’t already some sort of predator nearby before attempting this method. For example, if the wolf pack is nearby, feeding one raw meat might provoke them to attack immediately, making it a bad option.

Seeds: Players might be more inclined to plant some seeds instead of using them for planting crops and then risk losing them, but there are benefits of this method too! The seed will only work with specific types of animals such as sheep or llama, so players have an advantage when attempting these methods; while also not having any competition from other animals nearby that may want what is being offered.

Wheat: If one has wheat on hand, this is likely a safe bet in terms of luring since all animals (except cats) would likely go towards it if given a chance – even llamas.

Raw Fish: Unlike cooked fish, raw fish has a stronger smell and will attract more animals in its radius, including aggressive ones. It is beneficial for luring sheep or pigs into pens without the player having to make their way all the way there first.

Other Items: Players may also try using items such as carrots (for pigs), apples (for chickens), and breadsticks (for villagers). These can be found around farms with some regularity, so players should experiment with them on occasion if they need to lure these animals from afar away from danger or something like an animal trap.

Final words

Lure is a great way to get more resources in Minecraft without really having to do anything. If you are trying to use a lure for treasure hunting or fish farming, use it with a fishing rod, then try combining luck of the sea.

If you are using bait to lure animals, then be careful that the mobs can be aggressive, so they will attack your house if they find it before they go away. But overall, this tactic can save you time and headaches by wandering around looking for rare items or hunting down monsters! Now that we’ve looked at what luring is and how it works in Minecraft, I hope you feel empowered by knowing all of these new strategies.

How to lure cows in Minecraft?

Cows are easily lured when you have a bucket of milk in your inventory, but what if I don’t? Cows can be attracted by the following items: wheat, bread, cake, or furnace. Make sure to carry some sugar cane with you because cows love it! You will need to place the item on the ground and keep an eye out for them coming over. If they come close enough then right-click while still holding down the spacebar and click ‘lure’. This will make them follow not only you but also any other herd members that are nearby.

How to lure pigs in Minecraft?

To lure pigs in Minecraft, you’ll need a carrot on the ground. The pig will see this and come over to investigate what it is! When he gets close enough, just quickly break the carrot with your fist or use an instrument to make noise. Then when they’re coming towards you, head back away from them until they stop following you, repeat the process again if necessary.

Does Lure affect Luck of the Sea in any way?

No, lure and luck of the sea have different functionality. But the combination of both works great.

Should I use lure for AFK fishing?

Yes, you should, players usually use lure enchantment along with other elements like Unbreaking, mending etc.


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