Treble winner seven clubs History


The magnificence of a single word is not just to be expressed in words. It is said, this club is the object for any club. In one season, if the Champions League, the domestic league and the domestic cup trophy can be completed in a season, then only a club’s treble win is complete. It’s quite difficult to understand that, it’s just being understood. For which any club has to play well throughout the season. A trophy can run on foot once in a while. However, this club has won seven clubs, in which the fate of Barcelona was twice the crown of the word. This time even at this stage, two teams had the potential to win Treble. In the La Liga table, Barcelona reached the Copa del Rey final, also in the Champions League, in the semifinals. On the other hand, the same condition is the Dutch club Ajax. Even if none of these two clubs won the Treble, it was likely that the end would be. Let’s take a look at the Treble winner’s seven clubs.

Celtic F.C.
The Celtic Football Club

Celtic (1966-67) :

Scottish Club Celtic earned the fortunes of winning Treble for the first time. The club has won three titles in the 1966-67 season under famous coach Jack Steyn. The club, which won the Scottish Cup in April, lost the title in April. On the other hand, the boys of Jack Steyn, in the league titles in the league with the ever-changing league champions in the pocket.

On the other hand, for the first time in this year’s European Cup, Celtic was playing in a cool competition. No team could even deprive them of their title. In the final, Milan beat Inter Milan 2-1 and completed the sixth round of the match. But not only these three titles, as well as the Scottish Cup and the Glasgow Cup winning Celtic. In other words, the team is able to make everyone win the possible 5 titles.

In addition to winning the title, the club also has some different records. During that season, all the Celtic players were from Scotland. Nobody could achieve such success before playing all the players from the same country. Even the first British club was crowned European Cup crown as Celtic. The club, with a total of 196 goals in total, wiped out the opponents throughout the season.

Ajax F.C
Ajax against Feyenoord 1-3 honored Ajax with Europe Cup

Ajax (1971-72) :

Along with another treble win, Ajax has already won the adorable Trebl. That was, however, quite anecdotal, in the 1971-72 season. With the current emotions, however, the Ayaks did not match at that time. At that time, the Dutch club was one of Europe’s finest players. They won the European Cup in three seasons, from 1970 to 1972. But in the middle year only win Treble.

Yohan Cruyff, Johan Nissens and Pete Kaiser’s Ayaks were at their golden time. Having won the domestic cup and the league on 11 May, there was a golden opportunity to win the European club in front of Ajax in order to win the title of Treble. Ayaks did not even make mistakes in using that opportunity. Cruyff made his first win of the match for the first time in a match by Dutch club Ayaks.

PSV Eindhoven
PSV Eindhoven, 1987–88 European Cup Winners

PSV Eindhoven (1987-88) :

The opportunity to win the tray after Ajax is another Dutch club PSV Eindhoven. After 16 years of winning the trophy of their antagonists, the crown rose to PSV’s head after 16 years. The legendary coach Gass Hiddink and Iconic player Ronald Koeman, the club of three clubs serving on the chemistry of Edward Linskens, will be able to showcase this Dutch club.

Roda, who won the league title in the nine-point span, lost to Jessica 3-2 in the Domestic Cup. The service is only league PSV Eindhoven ball 117 times in the net. On the other hand, in the European Cup, Galatasaray, Vienna, Bordeaux, lost to Real Madrid, they were confronted by Benfica in the final. In a match held in Stuttgart, in the 120th minute, no team could score goals, in the tiebreaker to make the game. PSV got the first European Cup win for Benfica 6-5. As well as winning the only European Cup.

Manchester Utd trebel winner
Final of the 1998-1999 UEFA Champions League

Manchester United (1998-99) :

Manchester United, the only club to win the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League, is the only club that has been named as ‘Red Devil’ for just one season. As the previous year’s Manchester United Champions League title is unbeaten in the underdog.

Ferguson’s victory over Arsenal in the Premier League in the last match was won by one point in the final day. On the other hand, losing to major clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal in the FA Cup, they face Newcastle in the final. The red devil won the FA Cup title with an easy win of 2-0.

Manchester United gave birth to fame in the Champions League. In the semi-final, Juventus was back in the second leg by 40 minutes and all 3-1 goals. They won 4-3 goals in the match, but they kept their real shock for the final. Manchester United, 1-0 behind Bayern, scored a goal in the 91 and 93 minutes to win the match. And they are sure to win the treble title.

FC Barcelona
Players jostle in Barcelona’s 2–6 win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in a 2009 El Clásico.

Barcelona (2008-09 and 2014-15) :

As the only club, this triple crowns took place twice on Barcelona’s head. At the time of Pap Guardiola won the first time This is the highest achievement of the club with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and the club in the ticket exchange. Many of those Barcelona’s teams regard as the best club team of all time.

Six years later, the quels won again Treble. This time, Messi won three major titles for Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. In the Copa del Rey final, they beat La Liga by two points, losing the athletic Bilbao to 3-1 goals. On the other hand, in the Champions League finals, Juventus won the match with a 3-1 goal. And the second time in that Treble won the Catalan

Inter Milan's historic treble
Inter Milan’s historic treble

Inter Milan (2009-10) :

The new Treble Winners Club has seen the world after Barcelona’s first treble victory. This time the Italian club Inter Milan achieved this respect. Under the Mourinho, two points higher than Roma’s service, ‘scudetto’ made the house ‘Nerazzurri’ The same opponent lost in Copa Italia 1-0.

In the Champions League, Inter Milan has to face Barcelona’s best club of the time, in the semi-finals. But Mourinho won the match with a 3-2 win over Tactics in Inter Milan. Diego Milito’s win in the final took Bayern to win the treble, the disciples of Mourinho won.

Bayern München Champions League 2012 13
Bayern Munich Champions League 2012-13

Bayern Munich (2012-13) :

Just before the season, Alvand Arena has been beaten by Chelsea in the Champions League Final, in front of their viewers, in the Champions League, But the power of that grief comes back to the wild in the next season, they win Treble

By hitting each opponent in Bundesliga, the disciples of Hankeys were champions with a 25-point gap from Dortmund. In the DFP Pokal Finals, Robben and Ribery lose to Wolfsburg, 3-2.

In the Champions League, in the semi-finals, two leagues were scored by Barcelona, 7-0, and Bayern faced another German club Dortmund in the final. Ronaldo won the final of the final with 2-1 goals. Bayern Munich won the Treble as the seventh and current club to date.

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