Treble winner 9 successful coach history


Managers With Treble!

No Clubs can win a treble only with some skilled players. It needs unique tactics to win all three league title in a single season. There are very few coaches who can manage to win a treble in their career. Successful coaches like Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Alex Ferguson did this challenging task with their expertise. Football history saw their innovative strategies to destroy the opponent. Some of them choose attacking football and some of them defensive. Today we will talk about those successful club managers who win the treble in their coaching career.


We divided them into two categories.

  • UEFA Champions League era.
  • European Cup era ( Former UEFA Champions League).

Let’s take a look at all nine treble-winning club managers in football history.

Treble winner coaches – UEFA Champions League Era

Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United (1998-99)-FA Cup | Premier League | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

After taking Man Utd responsibility in 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson rearrange the whole team structure. 1998-99 season, Manchester United got a historic 2-1 win against Bayern Munich, in the injury time with a remarkable comeback at the last moment. Teddy Sheringham and former Man Utd coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s goal helped Manchester win the Champions League title. For the first time, Man Utd won a treble in club history.


Even in the Premier League final Red devils got a close win against Tottenham Hotspur. This time David Beckham and Andy Cole helped Manchester United to win the Premier League title. But the FA Cup final was a little bit easy for Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson was fantastic with his team and did everything to win the treble as a manager.

Pep Guardiola

FC Barcelona (2008-09)La Liga |  Copa Del Rey | UEFA Champions League

Manchester City F.C. (2022-23)FA Cup | Premier League | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Pep Guardiola is the first coach in European football history who win two treble with different two club. He won his second treble as Manchester City manager in 2022-2023 season. Guardiola is the only coach in history who won both Spanish and English treble.

First one

Spanish gaint Barcelona win their 2nd treble under Pep Guardiola in 2008-09 (La Liga |  Copa Del Rey | UEFA Champions League). Where he got some of worlds geatest footballers like Messi, Xavi, Iniest, Neymar jr, Luis Suárez and many more.


Pep Guardiola is the second coach who won treble for Barcelona in 2008-09. Barcelona faced Manchester United in the Champions League. Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo fight for their team, but in the end, Messi won the title for Pep Guardiola and Barcelona. For the first time, Barcelona won a treble under Pep Guardiola.

Before that Pep Guardiola’s team won the La Liga with the dominant power play and won the league trophy with 87 points, in this season sensational Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Eto’o and Thierry Henry was fantastic.

In the Copa del ray Barcelona got a smooth and easy 4-1 win against Athletic Bilbao (Athletic Club de Bilbao. Pep Guardiola spent a great season with Barcelona and won the precious treble.

Second One

With Manchester City F.C. in 2022-23 (FA Cup | Premier League | UEFA Champions League) This time he manages big number of youngster besides some great star player like Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan , Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez ,Kyle Walker, Nathan Ake. He also manages some best youngster of new football era like Erling Haaland, Jack Grealish, Phil Foden,,Rodrigo Hernández, Julian Alvarez , born Cole, Joshua, John Stones , Ruben Dias. where some of them already won the World cup for their country.


Pep Guardiola is a genius and greatest football coach in football history who made marvelous history by winning two treble.

who is the most treble winner football coach?

Pep Guardiola is the only greatest football coach in history who won two treble (both Spanish and English treble) with two different teams. First one with Spanish gaint Barcelona in 2008-09. Second One with Man City in 2022-23.

how many coaches won treble?

There are Nine coaches who won treble for their club. Among them only Pep Guardiola win treble twice in football history.

who won treble more than one time?

Pep Guardiola is the only manager won treble twice in football history. One with Barcelona in 2008-09. Latset one with Manchester City in 2022-23.

How many trebles has Pep Guardiola won?

Manchester City coach, Guardiola is the only manager who won the treble twice in history.

Jose Mourinho

Inter Milan (2009-10)Serie A | Coppa Italia | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

In the 2009-10 season, Inter Milan was not so promising, but Jose Mourinho helped them to win all three big trophies and got the treble.

In the Champions League final, Inter Milan defeated Bayern Munich with 2-0 score. Before that, they got a famous win against Barcelona. Star player like Wesley Sneijder, Goran Pandev, Samuel Eto’o, and Diego Milito helped Inter Milan to reach the Champions League trophy and lead to the treble. Mourinho uses Wesley Sneijder’s attack to make Inter Milan one of best-attacking side in Champions League.


Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan win the Serie A title with 82 points in 38 matches where strongest rival AS Roma just 2 points behind them. Inter and Roma faced in the final of Coppa Italia. Inter Milan won Coppa Italia trophy with Diego Milito’s only goal.

Mourinho Also won the treble with FC Porto in 2002-2003 season. However, this win does not consider as treble because Porto won Uefa cup which considered as the second class of Uefa champions league. Jose Mourinho wins the treble as the third coach in the history and also Champions League title for two different teams.

Jupp Heynckes

Bayern Munich (2012-13)-Bundesliga | DFB Pokal | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Bayern Munich wins their first treble in 2012-13 with Jupp Heynckes. After a bad season back in 2011-2012, they strongly come back and win all title. In the Champions League final, Bayern Munich faced with their german rival Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund. Mario Mandzukic’s first score for Bayern but at the last Arjen Robben’s goal lead Bayern Munich to the Champions League title.

Last year in the final Arjen Robben missed the penalty shot and lost the title, but this time he did his job by bringing the treble for his team.

Jupp Heynckes’s Bayern was also very stunning in the Bundesliga. They won the Bundesliga title with  91 points in 34 games. Bayern owns the title by a massive 25 points than their competitor.

In the DFB Pokal final, Bayern Munich defeated VfB Stuttgart by 3-2 goal. Thomas Muller and Mario Gomez helped Munich to win the trophy. Jupp Heynckes wins his first treble with Bayern Munich with a remarkable season.

Luis Enrique

FC Barcelona (2014-15)La Liga |  Copa Del Rey | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

For the first time, Barcelona won a treble under Pep Guardiola in 2008-09. Later Under Luis Enrique Barca won the treble once again in 2014-15 season. In this time Barcelona had the MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) trio. These three players along with Iniesta helped Barcelona to get the second treble for the club. For the first time in club football history, Enrique implements tiki-taka tactics.

Barcelona won the La Liga title with 94 points in 38 games and defeated Real Madrid by just two points. In 14-15 season Barca was the only team to scored 110 goals in the league.

In the Copa Del Rey final 2014-15, Barcelona faced Athletic Club de Bilbao again like 2008-2009. Once again Berca got 3-1 win over Athletic Bilbao and won the Copa Del Rey trophy.

In the Champions League final, Juventus faced off against Barcelona. This time Juventus also a treble-winning contender. But Neymar, Ivan Rakitic and Suarez once again brought the title for Barcelona. Berca defeated Juventus by 3-1 and won the treble for the second time. Luis Enrique won the treble as a coach on his first season with Barcelona. Luis won 42 games out of 50 for Barca in that time.

Hansi Flick

Bayern Munich (2019-20)-Bundesliga | DFB Pokal | UEFA Champions League

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Bayern Munich wins their first treble in 2012-13 with Jupp Heynckes and second one with Hansi Flick in 2019-20 season. There was a long gap in regular play due to worldwide corona pandemic in 2020. After football return on the field, Bayern Munich did something stunning and took the treble with them.

Hansi Flick’s Bayern Munich first to win double trebles as Garman club. They are the second team after Barcelona to have double trebles.

Bayern won the Bundesliga title with 13 points lead. In the DFB Pokal final, they conquer the title against Bayer 04 Leverkusen by 4-2 goals. Robert Lewandowski, David Alaba and Serge Gnabry confirm the DFB Pokal for Bayern Munich.

In the Champions League Bayern Munich came to create records only. They were unstoppable under Hansi Flick. This season Bayern won all 21 matches in a row. They demolished Barcelona by 8-2 goals Before facing PSG in the finale.

In the finale At Lisbon Bayern Munich beat PSG by 1-0 where Kingsley Coman’s goal confirmed the UCL title. Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng, Javi Martínez and David Alaba were fortunate players to celebrate the ‘Double treble’. Manuel Neuer is the only goalkeeper to win two treble in his career.

Hansi Flick is the luckiest one after Jupp Heynckes who won the second treble for Bayern Munich. He is the newest coach to enter treble winner managers club.

Treble winner coaches –  European Cup Era

Jock Stein

Celtic F.C. (1966-67)-Scottish Cup | Scottish league Cup | European Cup

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Under famous manager Jock Stein, Celtic F.C won the Treble for the very first time in football history. Scottish club Celtic defeated club Aberdeen and won the Scottish Cup. They also won the league title by beating rival Rangers F.C. And finally Celtic beat Inter Milan by (2-1) goals and completed the mission of Treble under Jock Stein.

Stefan Kovacs

AFC Ajax (1971-72)Domestic cup (Eredivisie) | KNVB Cup | European Cup

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Stefan Kovacs first Treble winner coach in history. He helped AFC Ajax to win the treble. In 1971-72 Dutch club Ajax started their treble journey by winning domestic cup and league (Eredivisie) and league (KNVB Cup). They finished their journey with the help of Johan Cruyff’s double goals against Inter Milan in the European Cup final. Club Manager Stefan Kovacs and his team AFC Ajax won the treble for the first time in history.

Guus Hiddink

PSV Eindhoven (1987-88)Domestic cup (Eredivisie) | KNVB Cup | European Cup

Treble winner 9 successful coach history

Another Dutch club won the treble after AFC Ajax. PSV Eindhoven won their treble under manager Guus Hiddink. Iconic players like Ronald Koeman, Edward Linskens and Legendary coach Guus Hiddink helped PSV to win all three titles. They won the domestic cup (Eredivisie) with a gap of nine points.

PSV won the KNVB Cup against Roda JC Kerkrade by 3-2 goals. In the European Cup final (1987-88) PSV Eindhoven defeated S.L. Benfica (6-5) goals in the tiebreaker and won the European Cup trophy. Guus Hiddink won the treble with his players for the first time for PSV Eindhoven. On the way to their treble, they beat Real Madrid, First Vienna F.C, Galatasaray S.K and F.C. Girondins de Bordeaux.