Singapore Jewel Changi Airport tourist attractions


Most people thought that the airport is nothing more than a mere commute and travel destination. Travelers don’t even know that an airport can be a tourist spot also. Singapore Jewel Changi Airport has made this impossible task possible for its tourists.


Its latest expansion not only changes the view of an airport in the regular world but also gives an idea of how high living standards in Singapore. This amazing indoor facilities of jewel airport teach us people can make this earth more beautiful than we think.

Opening of Jewel Changi Airport

Architect Moshe Safdie of RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd. design this marvelous dome-shaped structure of glass and steel. It cost 1.26 billion US Dollars ( 1.7 billion SGD ) to complete this airport. It officially opened on 18 October 2019 by Singapore prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

It takes almost four years to build the spectacular Jewel center, which is links with three of the airport’s terminal, and it’s covered over 1.4 million square feet area. More than 9,000 glass panels are used to make this amazing structural exterior, and the magnificent pictures of the airport went viral on social media.


This main building is more than just a terminal. Jewel Changi directly connected to terminal 1,2,3 with the link bridges and with terminal 4 by a marvelous shuttle bus.

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Shopping In Jewel Changi Airport

There are a lot of souvenir outlets with local and foreign food and clothes. Inside this magnificent structure, It has 130 hotel rooms and more than 280 outlets for various visitors.

Singapore Jewel Changi Airport tourist attractions

The Rain Vortex waterfall

The most attractive place of the Jewel Airport is its 130-feet long massive waterfall At the heart of jewel. Which is generally famous as the “Rain Vortex” . A 360-degree light and sound show projected into the waterfall. The waterfall also has a huge water tank to collect and recycle rainwater under the vortex. When the tank becomes full, excessive water used for the irrigation of plants in the Park.

Shiseido Forest Valley


Shiseido Forest Valley is one of Singapore’s largest indoor gardens, which is four-storied and 22000 square meters wide. It has two walking trails decorated with more than 900 various orchids, palm trees, and other of 60,000 shrubs.

Manulife sky nets – walking & Bouncing Nets

Another amazing sight in the jewel is 250 meters bouncing net. It creates a memorable experience in jewel with a lot of thrill and fun elements. Basically, it’s a massive trampoline where you can enjoy yourself like a kid. Walk, run, jump, bounce among the trees in the canopy, and do anything whatever you want.

Also, there is a separate walking way of its own. This 25 meters Five Stories High walkway and 50 meters long walking net give you feel of thrilling all the way.

Foggy bowls

Foggy bowls on the fifth floor of Forest Valley can give you fog experience with four giant bowls that can hold 20 people. You can feel cloud around you in foggy bowls.


Canopy Park Hedge Maze

This beautiful garden will remind you “Alice In Wonderland” movie when you will go through it. The Hedge is built to make you confuse enough to push you in different directions. That means you will be in a big puzzle game to have excitement and thrill.

At the end of the garden, there is a watchtower to get the birds-eye view of the entire maze. You can direct your lost friend to find the way out or have some fun watching them roaming around like ants.

Canopy Park Mirror Maze

This is the world’s first Mirror Maze with overhead hanging plants inside a garden. The mirror maze is a great challenge for you because it will make you confuse in your every step. There will be a foam stick for you to find your path. Don’t run to avoid collision with your friends into the mirror maze.


At the end there is an interactive portion which make some awesome colorful patterns based on the movement of your feet. Hope you want to spend more time here and enjoy yourself.

Topiary Walk

There are some incredible biodegradable/organic materials made animal sculptures displayed on Topiary Walk. you can find indoor and outdoor park environment in this Topiary Walk.

Singapore Jewel Changi Airport tourist attractions

Thrilling Discovery Slides

The Discovery Slides are not like something you find in typical playgrounds. It has four different slides, two tubes, and two surface slides. Those are not only playscape but also art sculpture.

But there is something special about vertical surface slides. That’s why people of all ages gathering here to enjoy the slides. You will realize the scariest part of the slides after the initial drop, but you will have fun on this.

The visitors give it 10/10 as review Because this is the best and highest point of Jewel Changi, so observe the beauty of mighty Rain Vortex and feel it.

The authorities will give you a helmet, elbow guards, and gloves to enjoy the trips without any risk.

Tips: Don’t try to break into slides with your hands, let the gravity do its work. This will make your ride much smoother and enjoyable.

The Glass bottomed Canopy bridge

In jewel Changi airport, there is another attraction, “Glass bottom bridge”. Glass bottom bridge will give you cloudy feel while giving a better view of Shiseido Forest Valley and HSBC Rain Vortex.

Hanging Garden

Hanging garden gives you a chance to learn about Changi airport history, Singapore aviation history in a greenery environment.

Changi Experience Studio

Garden of Harmony

The Garden of harmony is designed with artificial lily pads where you can enjoy the musical experience with your friends. Here you can be part of the musical orchestra by moving up and down your travel guide as a musical instrument. You can watch 3D butterflies dancing around you with the beat of the music.

Runway Racing Simulator

You can race with your friend in a sports car-like Porsche in a virtual runway. Race with Boeing 747 will be your best experience at Singapore airport. Changi original runway used in the simulator where up to 10 people can participate in the race with their bicycle.

Singapore Jewel Changi Airport tourist attractions

The Sky Deck

From sky deck, You can watch hundreds of flight takeoff and land in the Changi airport coming from various countries from different routes. Sky deck gives you a close view of flights in the busy Changi airport.

Changi Photobooth

You can take some interesting photos from Changi Experience Studio photobooths with various types of airport background. Also, you can print out your pictures with a small fee.

IMAX Theater

you can experience Singapore’s first 4k laser projection movie theater in IMAX theater which is third in Asia.

Where is Jewel Changi Airport located?

78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666 (24/7 open)

Jewel Park Entry fee:

  • Child / Senior Citizen – SGD 7.20
  • Adult- SGD 10.80

Package Include :

  • The Hedge Maze
  • Mirror Maze
  • Manulife Sky Nets –Walking
  • Manulife Sky Nets –Bouncing
  • Canopy Bridge