How to undo a command in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, we need to build and destroy a lot of things. But sometimes not everything goes as planned. You may press a button that starts a massive Redstone system, or you can detonate a TNT for building a new object or free up some space, but accidentally this specific TNT triggers other TNT and destroys your hours of hard work. So, now you need to “Undo” a command for your Minecraft world.

/Undo is useful if you make a mistake using /fill etc. command. Everyone gets fed up when they can’t undo a command made by mistake. For example, you command /fill xa yb zc minecraft:air for Minecraft air, but then something slipped your mind, and you command /fill xa yb zc minecraft:air 0 replace minecraft:iron. Now you have to do everything from the start because of the wrong command. Really frustrating, right?

Although there is no option for undo a command in Minecraft but we find some solution for you. Using those solutions, you can add undo a command option also you can quickly recover your mistakes.

How to undo a command in Minecraft? [Fix]

  1. Add undo and redo command in Minecraft 1.14
  2. Use Backup
  3. Fill the accidentally destroyed area with the air
  4. Use a 3rd party tool
  5. Use /fill command to undo
  6. Use /testforblocks command
  7. Use TNT

Fix 1: Add undo and redo command in Minecraft 1.14

If you are using a single server and have op privileges, you can add undo and redo commands in your Minecraft.

How to add undo and redo command in Minecraft?

Today we will show you a new data pack written by SethBling for Minecraft 1.14. This data pack adds undo and redo functionality to your Minecraft. To bring up the interface, you have to type /reload. This only works in a single player, and you have to know op privileges. After adding the feature :
– If you are on a server and then build some blocks > hit undo, you will see the blocks disappear. To replace them, You can destroy all blocks at a time. You can also redo all blocks at a time. 
– If you break a Netta portal, you can fix it with the undo option one block at a time.
– If you denote a building with TNT and later want to cancel it, then just press undo. You will have your structure and TNT back.
Anyway, if you want to have this undo, redo features then download this file ( Undo/Redo function Minecraft 1.14 )
– Works on single-player or one person on the server.
– You have op privileges.

 Fix 2: Use Backup

Unfortunately, there is no builtin undo a command function on Minecraft right now, so use /fill or /clone command to backup your world. And restore them in case something goes wrong. That’s the only reliable way for now. We hope soon Minecraft will add a undo/redo command for every server.

Fix 3: Fill the accidentally destroyed area with the air

In the regular Minecraft version, You can’t ‘undo’ a fill command, but you can clean the area with air command.

Syntax for air command : /fill xa1 yb1 zc1 xa2 yb2 zc2 block

some parameters for your understanding:

  • Keep – Bury anything filled around a object
  • Outline – two pairs of coordinates will be Outline
  • Hollow – Makes a hollow fill to delete any blocks in its path
  • Replace – Replaces a block in selection to a specific block

Fix 4: Use a 3rd party tool

You can use 3rd party tools like MCEdit and WorldEdit to use the undo command. With this, you can remove anything you build by mistake or get back something accidentally destroyed.  With 3rd party tool UNDO will work with procedural functions ( /fill ) or with elements that can be deleted by a click but need lots of input to create ( NPCs and Boards)

So, due to stray digits in the coordinates, if you fill the area of your building with the blocks instead of creating a wall, then you can get it back with the /undo function. Also, if you accidentally destroy an NPC while removing blocks around it, you can have it back by /undo the feature. You don’t need another 20-30 minutes to recreate it.

Fix 5: Use /fill command to undo

Today we will show you how to use fill command as an Undo command that can remove particular objects or structures from the game. This command can be used to remove clones too. For example, if you want to clone a tree but you accidentally clone it into the wrong position. Then you could use this command to remove it. So, you just need some coordinates to do that.

How to use the /fill command to undo something in Minecraft?

If you want to show coordinates in your screen, then go to settings > scroll down to Cheats > Under Activate cheats, turn on the “Show coordinates” button. 

For cloning a tree, you need to surround it in a box with two coordinates. One is bottom coordinate, and supposes bottom coordinate is 30, 67, 0. Remember these numbers. You can write them down in a notepad. Then it would help if you went up and diagonal. After that, you have 20, 85, -10. Here all you need to do /fill 30 67 0 20 85 -10 air. You don’t need to use any commas or anything between these numbers. You can see the tree is gone.

Now, like this method, you can remove a specific area or particular structure using /fill command. And it’s handy. For example, if you build a temple in a place, then you don’t want the temple. You can use /fill command to remove the temple. Then you can make anything whatever you like in the area. Also, if you accidentally clone something, you can remove them using the fill command.

Fix 6: Use /testforblocks command

The syntax of the /testforblocks command is exactly the same as the /clone command. You can check how /testforblocks command works here.

The first two sets of coordinates define two corners of the first cuboid region you want to test. And the third set of coordinates defines the lower northwestern corner of the cuboid region you want to test your first region too. Here both regions will be the same in size. 

In the recent java edition Minecraft version, you can specify which corner of your object is the lower northwestern corner by pressing the F3 button and by looking at axes in the center of the screen. Whichever angle or your region fits into those axes is the lower northwestern corner of that region. The same trick applies to the /clone command.

In more recent versions of Java Edition Minecraft, you can tell which corner of your structure is the lower northwestern corner by hitting F3. Looking at the axes in the center of your screen, whichever angle or your region fits into those axes is the lower northwestern corner of that region. This same trick applies to the /clone command.

Fix 7: Use TNT

In case you can’t undo anything now, and you build some object or building accidentally. Now, if you want to clean the area, you have to use lots of TNT to remove the object or structure. We know it’s frustrating, but it can solve your problem sometimes.

Final thoughts on Undo command in Minecraft

We all need ways to create or remove the structure in our Minecraft world. /undo is a handy command for that purpose. Cause if anyone makes some building by mistake, then there is no way to have it back until you undo a command. Although there is no system to undo a command in Minecraft, we show you some way so that you can recover your mistake within a short time. We hope soon Minecraft will introduce undo and redo commands for Minecraft’s upcoming versions.