How to survive wild buffalo, Bison, Crocodile and alligator attack ?

True story of Alligator attack

In 2019 at Florida park Davie, in the US, a woman attacked by a giant alligator when she went to park for walking her 3 dogs. Sadly Shizuka Matsuki, 47 years old woman died in the alligator attack. The attack begins between dawn and dusk. A passerby called 911 emergency for help but could not save Shizuka. One of her dogs also killed by an alligator. Later 12-foot long alligator found with a human arm inside it.

Crocodiles and alligators

In areas where crocodiles and alligators are more likely, there should be very careful around any pond, and should not be able to swim or swim in a water body without confirmation. They could have wet wetlands in the vicinity of the water bodies.

Crocodile or alligators are not too fast. So if they chase them, then they will run straight. Many people think that run from a crocodile or an alligator, it is possible to run on a rugged path. However, the notion of this concept was not found. It is enough for a mature man to run out of his hand. Moreover, they can not run long; A little bit tired of running.

Crocodiles or alligators usually do not chase people to prey, but only if they feel threatened for their own area. But running with them, you could be champion but got into the water, but you can not do anything with them. So stay at least 20-30 feet away from the edge of the pond. Because, if they are near the pond, they will be able to swiftly and swiftly pull you or your companion to the water below that you will not find any. And if they can take the victim down to the water in some way, then perhaps the only way to end her hope of survival is the only way.

Crocodile or alligators are very hard to cover, so they can not be easily hit. So if they bite, the only way is to hit the eye or try to poke loudly. If you are lucky, then it will open their mouth. Besides, no matter how much you try, there is no way to get rid of them because their jaws are the world’s strongest jaw!

Bison and wild buffalo

True story of Bison Attack

In Yellowstone National Park, Idaho in US 9 years old girl charged by a bison while walking with her family. Luckily the girl survived the attack and wasn’t much hurt. Male Bison can be 2000 pounds and can charge at 30 miles per hour. Also, they can attack quickly and can be bothered at any moment. Later, the park ranger told visitors to keep at least 25 feet distance for safety.

Bison or wild buffalo do not usually attack people if they do not bother or threaten. But when attacking, they sometimes appear to be worse than carnivore animals.

How to prevent wild buffalo or Bison attack?

  • If you see one of them from a distance, don’t try to get close to them.
  • If you come around wild buffalo or Bison somehow, slowly move away without any sound.
  • Do not try to feed them or hug them ( cause wild animal can be very deadliest )
  • When the bison or wild buffalo crosses a road, stop the car. Do not honk. Wait until the whole flock crosses the path.

How to survive wild buffalo or Bison attack?

  • Bison or wild buffalo will attack you without any type of prey symptoms. So suddenly if they come near you, then try to understand first, whether they have seen you or not. If they do not see, move slowly. They only attack you if they feel threatened. So it is better to keep a distance.
  • If you think it has seen you, then take a step away, again standstill. If you are lucky, then you can go away.
  • If at any time Bison or Wild water buffalo chases you, take it seriously. Keep running with all your energy and effort. Although you can not run with them if you run straight. So, find out any hiding place. Keep in mind that if you can hide soon, it will calm quickly.
  • Find high trees while you run, which you can climb up speedily. Or find a tall hill type place, they are not interested in hill. So if you get up on something high, then you can survive. However, the wild buffalo occasionally stay still long time for you to come down.
  • If you get caught, then you have nothing to do. You can not stop them. So close your body as much as possible while covering your head. If you are lucky enough, then it will lose interest in you. You can hit it in its eyes, or you can beat him with a knife – but it will attack you with new anger, and maybe want to kill you. So, sometimes escaping is the right way to survive.

Wild buffalo and Bison Both are very stubborn, do not want to be easily defeated. Even the terrible carnivores also run away when you hit them correctly, but wild buffalo and Bison are even worse than them. No injuries can prevent them from attacking you. Even in some cases, the wild buffalo is shot but chasing people with the wounds of those shoots. So the best option is not to go around them.

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