How to Survive wasps, bees, wild boar and wild dog attack?


True story of Bee attack

In Arizona, more than a dozen people attacked by a furious bee swarm. Many people were praying in the mosque while bees attacked suddenly and started attacking people. Later emergency special bee calming foam need to spray. At least 15 people affected by bee and 1 need to hospitalized due to the incident.


Bee and wasp do not sting anyone unless they are getting annoyed. Maybe you are passing by honeycomb when they disturbed by some other animal, then you may have to pay for it.

How to prevent bees and wasps attack ?

  • Bees and wasps get attracted by black and grey colours also they can be attracted by the smell of your perfumes or the decoration of the ornaments. So, you have to keep that in mind.
  • If you understand that you are passing by their habitat or you can see them flying in the air, then avoid that path.

How to survive if Bee and Wasp surround or attack you ?

  • Keep calm and be quiet. You can attract more of them by your sound and movement. If the whole bee swarm attack, you then try to lay on the ground while trying to cover most of your body parts.
  • If you are bitten by a bee or a wasp, then just throw them. Do try to kill them cause they got some liquid in their body, which can attract other bees or wasps.
  • If there are any kind of shelter then try to go there as soon as possible and try to cover yourself.
  • If there is the rough wind, then try to move On the opposite side of the wind.
  • Try to Protect your eyes and face as much as possible. Remove bee stings from your skin carefully.
  • Although some species of bees have relatively low poison, but you may become sick due to excessive bite. However, Hornet sting is very poisonous and painful. People can die because of excessive Hornet bite. So consult a doctor as soon as possible without trying home remedies.
How to Survive wasps, bees, wild boar and wild dog attack?
Wild pigs

Wild pigs :

The number of wild pigs in the world is increasing. As a result, people often face them in different parts of the world. They are quite violent. But they will attack you only if they feel unsecured or afraid.

How to survive wild pigs attack ?

  • Try to walk towards the side but keep an eye on pigs.
  • Don’t shout and make way for it to move away without cornering it.
  • Try to climb a tree or roof of a huge stone or car if you chased by a wild pig.
  • If the pig has cub around them, then they will try to hurt you so badly so, prepare for that.
  • It will be your best advantage if you have something sharp in your hand while fighting. Try not to fell on the ground while pig attacking you. It will be more encouraged to attack you. In most cases, wild pigs leave you after 1-2 minutes of attacking.
  • Wild pigs have sharp teeth, try to protect yourself as much as possible from it.
How to Survive wasps, bees, wild boar and wild dog attack?
African wild dog

wild dogs :

You may be thinking that all the dogs are very loyal and cute. But don’t think like that because Some dogs may brutally kill you or attack you.

How to prevent Dog attack ?

  • Beware of access to protected areas that are prohibited. Do not go to yourself without knowing or entering without permission. Because these areas can be protected by guard dogs.
  • During the breeding season, dogs can behave abnormally. It is better to maintain a safe distance from dogs during this time.
  • If any dog have rabies in your area, its better not to go out before the dog gets treatment.

How to survive wild dog attack?

  • Do not run if you attacked by a dog. Stand still and keep shout loudly.
  • If the dog is very aggressive and dangerous, then it will definitely attack you. In that case, you have to fight.
  • While fighting, keep shout loudly so that people around you come forward to help you. Try to hit in the dog’s eye. If they are more in number and are able to throw you on the ground, try to protect the head, face and neck with the help of hands and shoulders.
  • Wild dogs (African wild dogs) live in flock. But they are usually not used to hunting people. But if they decide to hunt you, and if you are alone and unarmed, then you are in great danger. you will be defeated within few minutes. So it is better to avoid them. If you face to face a wild dog flock, try to stay still and slowly move from the area. Observe them but do not look directly into their eyes and do not draw any kind of attention. If you are lucky, then they will spare you.

Conclusion: necessary survival tips you need to survive in wild

You better avoid wild animals instead of defending them with Weapons. But if you go to an unknown environment, its better to make some preparation. If you read all of our survival guide, then you can understand how to deal with most of the wild animals. Now check the list of survival tools you can carry during hiking, trekking :

  • Carry a knife, stick or rifle for self defense.
  • Keep animal spray.
  • Do not share food with wild animals.
  • The camera flash can make them excited while taking photos. So take pictures carefully.
  • Always Carry some First Aid Kit or Primary Medical Equipment with you.
  • try to wear lose outfit, try to show yourself big and tall in all condition.
  • Do not urinate in the forest-bamboo where there is urine. Hunting animals may be attracted by their smell.
  • Be careful about tent camping and do not keep food inside the tent.
  • If you see wild animal, then you should not start running anyway. Stay as clam as possible.
  • For most animals, avoid looking directly into their eyes. Because they take it as threats or challenges.
  • Remember, if wild animals have cub around them, then they will be more furious then normal time. So be careful when if you see a wild animal child.
  • If necessary, prepare for climb tree .
  • You must stay close to the vehicle if you bring any with you.
  • If necessary, try to prove yourself strong by challenging and screaming.
  • If you start fighting, it will be the highest level of brutality and fight for life. Do not fall on the ground, and your main target is to hit animals’ eyes. Because it is a weak organ of all creatures.

The above strategies may not work 100%. But these collected from hundreds of years of human experience. If you know some of these techniques and apply them according to the situation, maybe one or more lives can survive because of it.

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