How to survive most poisonous and deadliest animal attack ?

True story of python attack :

Burmese python is a monster, no one is safe around them. South Florida snake expert Steve Messicks attacked After capture one of these . later shooting crew help Steve to get rid of the python.Although the python injure Steve on face and hand.

Snakes and toxic spiders :

There are numerous species of snakes and spiders in this world, which are very dangerous for mankind. Many of these species are poisonous, and sometimes they can cause death for human life.

How to prevent deadly Snakes and spiders attack?

  • Do not go near the spider’s nets, or don’t take any spider in hands without knowing about it.
  • While go for Walking in the jungle, thinking about these poisonous creatures, you should wear a full-blown shirt, full pants and hiking that the chance of getting attacked by toxic species decreased.
  • Make noise while walking or occasionally hit on the ground with your feet. It will help you to keep away from any kind of snakes around you.
  • Snakes usually live in shrubs, tall or medium-sized grass, on tree trunks or in the shadow of large boulders. Be careful when moving through all of this.
  • If you have a tent at night, take proper steps to secure inside the tent. If species such as insects, frogs, rats, etc. come into the tent, then there is some probability to come to any snakes to kill and eat those, make sure there are no insects in your tent.
How to survive most poisonous and deadliest animal attack ?
poisonous spider

How to survive poisonous spiders or snakes attack?

  • You do not know which spider or snake is poisonous. So any bite must be taken seriously.
  • When faced with a snake, give him a way to escape. Snakes usually do not want to get into unnecessary trouble. However, if it feel unsafe it can attack. So you move slowly and quietly away, and give it a chance to escape somewhere.
  • If the snake looks aggressive, you should keep your face toward the snake and walk backwards. You can turn away after going too far, but it would be better to walk at a safe distance faster.
  • The snakes like python or anaconda species are not poisonous, but they are large and powerful in shape and try to kill the victim by strangle.They generally do not target adult people unless compelled. However, children can be easy victims. Teach your child to shout for help when he/she see such a large snake. And if it try to choke you with its body, then try to fight form the first minute. Do not let him spiral around your body. If he tries to vent from one side to the other you try to hold his mouth and close his jaw and open the patch. Once you get any opportunity, threw it and flew away . Although, the task will not be easy.
  • If you wants to know how about poisonous snake or toxic spider then read Fun and facts articles :p
  • follow same procedure for toxic spiders or scorpion bite. But you should remember the structure, shape, color, etc. of the toxic animal that bites you or if possible, take a photograph of it as soon as possible and consult a doctor immediately.

Elephants and Rhinoceros :

Elephants are the most prominent animals in the land. Then there is the rhino. They are not usually hunted by animals, except humans. So if they have any enemies, then human is one of them. But elephants are very intelligent animals, They can remember the appearance of people.

How to prevent wild Elephant and Rhinoceros attack?

The only way to prevent the attack of these two animals is not to go near them. But with the direction of a skilled guide, you can observe elephants from a close distance. But going to Rhino is not a good idea at all.

How to prevent wild Elephant and Rhinoceros attack ?
Elephant playing in wild environment

How to survive rhino or Elephant attack?

  • Rhinoceros eyesight is weak. They can’t detect you from a far distance. But if you go too close, then it will certainly attack you.
  • If you feel that the elephant is not in a good mood, then observe it well before making any decision. Elephants often chase people for testing. So, stay where you are and shout. If you have medium-sized trees close to you, then try to shake it. They are likely to stop. If the elephant is moving its ear, later maybe it will try to chase you. But if both of his ears are bent towards the back, and his trunk turned inward, then it is a sure sign of attack. If you are really attacked, then run for your life. Although the elephant can speed up, it can not easily change direction because it’s too heavy. So run on a rugged path, elephants will be confused. Find a hiding place and cover yourself in it.
  • If you go too close to the rhino and if it feels disturbed, then it will try to attack you. In that case, try to show yourself bigger and keep screaming loudly. If it does not work and rhino chase after you, then run as fast as you can in zigzag way. It will not follow you for a long time. Try to run beside trees or a large stone or a bush, it will lose the Rhinoceros interest. Finally, try to hide behind any large object, the rhino can not find you easily.

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