How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft? Disenchant Items


Enchantments have been one of the essential parts of Minecraft. These are applied to improve the tools or objects. The players will attain the enchantments throughout the game.


It seems that enchantments are significant endeavors for all players. But if you have been playing Minecraft for a while now, there will be times where you need to know how to remove enchantments.

You have come to the right place since we will discuss How to remove enchantments in Minecraft.

How do I remove a specific enchantment in Minecraft?

In many cases, the enchantment is not something that the users purposely attain. You might not want to keep certain enchantments for various reasons. The wrong enchantment in some tools might be useless if your purposes are different.


There might be a series of enchanted tools which turn out to be useless for specific activities that you are planning.

Understanding the basic : Remove enchantments with Minecraft command

To know How to remove enchantments in Minecraft, you will need to understand the basics of getting rid of the enchantments.

The enchantment is a component in Minecraft that can improve or add more attributes to particular objects, including armors, weapons, tools, properties, as well as books. Enchantment works by redeeming the XP and items which are not enchanted before.

Obtaining the spells can be sourcing from anything. Even the moderator in the server can use the command “/enchant” to create some enchantments for the particular objects. By using simple commands, one can actually remove or get rid of the spells and enchantments for good.


Besides the experience points, the anvil and enchanted books can make the objects get enchanted. So, one can add enchantment in particular objects without the need to redeem the XP points.

Removing Enchantments with the Grindstone

Back then, disenchanting objects or tools was almost impossible. But now, with the update 1.14 that comes with “grindstone,” it is now possible.

The grindstone should be created on the workbench. It only requires two wooden blocks, wooden sticks, as well as a slab of stone.

How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft? Disenchant Items
Disenchant items

The grindstone work is very straightforward and easy. You just need to click on the Grindstone and place the enchanted object in one of the boxes opened in the menu.


After placing the particular object, the grindstone will do its task immediately. By then, you will be able to remove any enchantment in Minecraft with an easy approach. However, this way won’t work for the negative enchantments.

Grindstone is different from an anvil and enchanting table. To use the Grindstone properly, you will need to combine the two items of the same type, making a new item with the combined durability. Both items are used in the process, and all enchantments will be removed.

All in all, the Grindstone only removes non-curse enchantments from a single object. As mentioned, you can simply place the particular enchanted item in either input slot. Then, it will immediately disenchant.


Grindstone recipe: Crafting the Grindstone

To know How to remove enchantments from Minecraft, you will need to know how to craft a Grindstone first. Here are what you need to prepare:

  • Two sticks
  • Two wooden planks
  • A slab of stone
How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft? Disenchant Items
Crafting the Grindstone

After preparing all of the items above, you can proceed to the way to craft the grindstone.

Put two sticks in the left and right corners at the top row. Then the stone slab is in the middle of the top row.

Next, put two planks in the left and right of the middle row. If you can’t use slabs of stone, you could also try Blast furnace and cobblestone.

The Nature of Grindstone

Grindstones are usually used for fetching the XP without rigorous activities. For instance, one can disenchant particular books or other enchanted objects to trade them with the experience points. The more enchanted items you disenchant, the more free experience points you can get without hard work.

Some people even questioned us about the relation between the grindstone and anvil. For those who haven’t known, Anvil can help you to repair the particular items. With it, you can also rename particular items and combine the enchantment, but not with removing them. An enchantment table is a great one to enchant some objects.

Using the Minecraft grindstone is pretty simple and easy. You could store it in your house or farm, or another place that provides easy access for you so that you can disenchant any item as you want.

How to take off one enchantment in Minecraft if it is a curse?

As mentioned, the Grindstone will only work to the conventional enchantment. And if it is in the form of a curse, one would not be able to use grindstone to remove it.

Usually, your character will drop the item off after dying. When it comes to the cursed item, the thing is different.

If the other person curses your item and kills your character, the item won’t drop off. Meanwhile, it will be gone forever. And you cannot retrieve your item back.

Now the question is how to take off enchantments in Minecraft for the cursed item.

It is actually possible to remove the curse of vanishing. You can remove the enchantment by yourself. If you do have a cursed item and want to replenish it from the curse, you could do these.

First things first, find the same item as the cursed one.

Prepare your crafting table and make the particular item (which is the same as the cursed one) using the same recipes. Keep in mind that the recipes should be 100% the same to make it work. After finishing your creation, I’d assume that you already have 1 cursed item and 1 non-cursed item.

Then merge the two items together in the crafting table. After merging, you can remove the curse from the item. This method can also repair your item. If your weapon is cursed, consider merging it with the non-cursed one on your crafting table.

You can actually use the Grindstone to remove the curse, but you will also lose other enchantments, including the helpful ones.

Can you disenchant items in Minecraft?

There are 2 methods generally used to disenchant any items from Minecraft. First, you can place enchanted items in any of the two input slots when associating with it through grindstone. In Minecraft village, inside the blacksmith building you can find grindstones.

second way to disenchant any items by simply combining them together to forge a new item. For any specific item it will increase extra 5% durability.

How do you disenchant and keep the enchantment in Minecraft?

you have to take an enchanted item then throw it on top of an anvil. e.g. with book and quill, you can get back your enchantment on an enchanted book.
This process works with everything that has an enchantment on it.


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