How To Face Most Dangerous Animals In The World ?


Suppose a wild animal came to the public quickly, and it came just right in front of you. Or suppose you went to any forest or natural environment to search for adventure or to travel in any forest and faced some dangerous wild animals. Tell me what to do? Maybe you do not know the answer, or you do not even need to know the answer. Because you think you will never go anywhere in the wild.

True story of Jungle animals attack

Recently a hiker in southeast Alaska, USA, was attacked by a brown bear. The Bear bites the hiker’s leg and injure him. But the good news is after suffering a lousy injury, the hiker able to find a National Park cabin. Later the hiker rescued by Skagway Fire Department helicopter.


It is not unusual for people to undergo such situations. But because of deforestation, wild animals came out of the forest to search for food. Anyone can be attacked anytime. Also, you can face many poisonous animals in a foreign country.

When wild animals attack people?

Most dangerous animals have some common features. In some special situations, they show similar responses. Situations when wild animals can attack you :

  • If suddenly they enter the area of ​​your residence.
  • If that creature thinks you are a threat to it or it’s child’s safety.
  • If you have any food or smell of food on your body, they can chase you in the hope of getting food.
  • If you have food in your tent, they can enter your tent after getting the smell of it.
  • If you Suddenly surrounded them and surprised them.
  • If they are angry or hungry for some reason.

What to do when you encounter wild Bear?

Since most wild animals are stronger than humans and dangerous, it is tough to survive from their attack. However, some strategies can be adopted before and after such situations, which can save the precious life of a person. So, it’s good to learn them.


Although there are different types of Bears in different parts of the world, they can be divided into three categories :

  • Black Bear,
  • Grizzly Bear or Grey Bear 
  • Polar Bear or White Bear.

Apart from color and formation, they have different behavior and differences. The bears are mainly carnivores. But they can be omnivorous too. To avoid bear attack, some techniques have to be adopted.

What to do when you encounter wild Bear?
Bears attacking each other

How to prevent Bear attack?

One must be careful before Bear attack you or aware of facing bear face to face. What you can do to avoid possible confrontation with the Bear:

  • Do not keep the food waste or food in or near the tent in the wild environment. Even if you keep it, you should keep it in such a way that the slightest smell can not be spread. The Bear’s smell power is unimaginable. Bears can be smelled from a large distance.
  • Keep talking or make some noise to make Bear realize that someone is coming. Because, if you surprise it suddenly, surely it will attack you.
  • If you see a bear cub alone, you can assume that it’s mother also around there. In that case, do not panic about leaving the area. Quietly leave the area carefully.
  • Do not go alone to the area where the Bear is likely to be. Form at least three adult people or larger groups.
  • Do not go around dead animals. If the Bear considers it a food, he thinks you came to steal its food.
  • There is a special spray for wildlife attacks. You can keep it for preventing the Bear attack.

How to survive bear attack?

The inherent tendency of the human being to face most deadliest animals is to run away. But most of the carnivorous animals, including bears are more faster than humans. So if the Bear looks at you once, then you can not run away. If you run, he will chase you as a victim from his basic instinct. If suddenly fall in front of the Bear, then standstill. Then you have to do a few more things at the same time :

  • Try to show yourself as big as possible. Hold the bag on the head. Bigger and taller size of your shape, lesser will be the desire to bear.
  • Do not look directly at the Bear’s eye. The Bear understands that you are not his victim. But do not forget to cry aloud and shout for help.
  • Try to leave the area walking slowly or walk backward. Let him understand that you do not threaten him, this is his area and you have accepted his supremacy. Do not show your back to bear.
  • Your movements will be slow. If possible, keep your hands on the head and slowly move on.
  • If you have a dog with you, then it may start barking, seeing a bear. Try to calm him down.
  • If you have a baby with you, then take him safely to your lap at first.
  • If the Bear enters your tent, try to stay as clam as possible, and gradually move somewhere, so that the Bear can find a way out of the tent. Do not throw any food to bear to protect yourself.
  • If the bears have a bear cub around them, turn away from it slowly and slowly move away. If you think that the bear cub has lost his mother, then contact the forest department without giving something to eat.
  • If the Bear seems to be standing on his back legs, then he probably will not attack. But he might want to see your reaction by chasing you. Do not run in that case, and it might be testing you.
  • If the Bear stands on his four legs and his ears are tangled backward, then be cautious; It is the first symptom of attack. If the Bear strikes you aggressively, try to build strong words using whatever is in your hand.
  • If the bear attack you, then do not run. Because there is no profit in it, only your precious energy will be wasted. Only run if you are very close to a house, car, or safe place nearby.
  • Only for grizzly or gray bear attack lie down on your stomach, spread the legs so that Bear can not overturn you and remain as dead. Cover the neck with your hands because Bear’s target is basically your neck. After a while, if it can not get any response from your side, then it can go away.
  • If you do not see any signs of stopping the attack in you by the Grizzly bear or a black bear or a polar bear attacking you even after using the way mentioned above, then fight with the last strength to save your life. Try to hit the Bear in eyes and nose, mouth as much as you can by your hand, elbows, knees or legs, and keep doing it. If fate is good, then the Bear can be wounded, and you can survive.
  • If you have a spray, then spray it in Bear’s eyes or nose as much as possible. He’ll lose sight and smell for a while. With this opportunity, you can run fast.

If you maintain these tips, then there will be more chance you can survive a bear attack.

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