How to Delete Messages on Reddit

We have to delete reddit received messages due to lots of messages filling up the inbox, also some users may need to delete sent messages too. From various forum feedback, we get to know that users face trouble deleting their reddit messages. Today we will try to solve these problems.

There are a lot of things that you can do on Reddit. You can browse your favorite Subreddits to find the most fun information and the latest updates about something you like. In the threads, you can comment, give feedback, and keep in touch with fellow users in the community to share the same interests.

And many of the fellow users want to send private messages for topics that they won’t bring to the public domain. If you have many friends there, I am sure you are also communicating with them through private messages too.

Well, one of the things that you need to be ready for is that you might realize that your inbox keeps receiving more messages from time to time. And the next thing you know is that the messages are too many, so that you want to delete some of them.

For some people, it is not necessary to delete the messages since they don’t check them thoroughly anyway. But for some people, it is crucial to managing their messages. If you send and receive a lot of private messages on Reddit, knowing how to manage the messages can really save you from hassle effectively. The good news is that Reddit provides good features for its users. You can delete messages directly on the Desktop.

How to delete reddit messages on desktop

The first thing you need to make sure of before using Reddit in your browser is to update your browser to the latest version first. If not, some features in Reddit might not work, including deleting the Reddit messages.

Step 1: Login to your Reddit account with your credentials.

Reddit messages

Step 2: Open your Reddit Message Inbox

reddit chat box

Step 3: Locate the particular message you want to remove

Step 4: Click “Delete” which is located next to the selected message.

delete reddit messages

Step 5: A pop-up message will show to ask you. You could click “Delete” to proceed to delete the messages.

how to delete reddit messages

The feature of deleting your messages will only work for your private messages that you receive from other users. So, check your inbox and delete any unwanted message you receive. It is imperative to know that you can’t delete the messages you sent to other Redditors. The messages will exist in their inbox forever unless they delete your message. So, it is essential to use the Reddit messaging feature with your own discretion.

How to delete reddit messages on Android & iOS app

You can now delete messages on android app and iOS app too. For deleting any message follow below procedure:

Step 1: Open Reddit App on your android or iOS.

Step 2: Make sure you logged in your account.

Step 3: Go to your chat box. Right next to post button.

Step 4: Go to the message you want to delete.

Step 5: Long press on the message will show up 2 option, “Delete” and “Copy“. Choose delete to proceed to the next step.

delete reddit messages on app

Step 6: Select “Delete” from the pop up. Your message will be delete.

delete reddit messages on android

Reddit Accounts are synched between the different devices. That means after you deleted your messages through Desktop, you will see that the messages are also deleted in your App. Keep in mind that we are talking about Reddit’s private messaging tool. So, that’s your limit when you use the App. But if you want to delete the message in the chat function, you can delete the inbox messages through the App.

How to delete sent messages on Reddit

As you send the messages to the other Reddit users, they will reach their inbox and have the freedom to read or remove it. But you cannot delete the messages you sent to them from their inbox. You can only delete the messages that you receive in your inbox. Once you send a private message to other users, it will be sent directly to their inbox.

How to delete an entire reddit conversation at once

Unfortunately, there is no option in the Reddit platform that allows you to delete the entire conversation at once. You can’t delete multiple messages at the same time as well. I don’t know how Reddit makes this decision. But it is an important feature that will ease many users to manage their Reddit messages effectively.

In the meantime, you can delete the messages one by one. You can delete the messages that you don’t want to save in your inbox by using the “Delete” button below the message you select in your inbox.

Summary on : How to delete reddit messages

Having a message management skill will help you a lot in improving your experience in using Reddit with your favorite device. You can just log in and choose the message you want to remove, then click “Delete”. That’s it, you will not see unwanted messages in your inbox. Now message deleting feature is now available for mobile App as well. its very helpful for mobile users, also increase the number of users of the Reddit mobile app as well.

FAQ: How do I delete messages on Reddit?

How do you delete sent messages on Reddit?

You can’t delete the sent messages on Reddit since the messages are in your recipient’s inbox. They will have the choice to delete it, though, if you ask for it.

Are the PMs private?

Yes, the messages are private for you and your recipients. Only your recipients will be able to read your messages alongside the date and time of the delivery, as well as the name of the sender. Only the recipients can see the messages you sent.

Can you see deleted messages on Reddit?

It might be something that not all Reddit users know. YES, you can see them in the cached version. Replace “Reddit” in the original URL with the word “removeddit“. Then your browser will show the cached version of the messages. FYI, your deleted messages are gone for good.

Can I check whether my message recipients have read my messages?

No, there is no way to know if your recipients have read your message unless they tell you. You can only know if your messages have been sent to them.

Is deleting my Reddit account aligned to private message deletion?

YES. Once you deactivate your reddit account, those messages will become unattributed.