How to craft Coal block in Minecraft?


What is coal block in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Coal plays a vital role as the primary and common fuel source in this popular game. Coal Block in Minecraft is a storage block that consists of nine coal. It serves both as storing coal and as a fuel source.


Which fuel is better in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are numerous fuel sources available. Among many of coal, blaze rods and wooden blocks are common. Although mining, uses or the power of this fuel items are not same.

However, coal blocks and dried kelp blocks use as the two primary fuel sources in the game. While both are effective, coal blocks stands out as the superior choice.

Interestingly, these two fuel sources are the best options in Minecraft where only lava bucket stand above them. A lava bucket is very impressive with duration of 20,000 ticks.


Coal blocks -16,000 ticks,

Dried kelp blocks- 4,000 ticks,

Blaze rods-2,400 ticks,

Single piece of coal-1,600 ticks.


Undoubtedly, coal blocks offer the longest-lasting fuel source. Moreover, considering coal blocks composition of nine pieces of coal, a coal block provides a total of 14,400 ticks, making it both efficient and long-lasting.

The Coal Block is supported on various platforms including,

Java Edition (PC/Mac), PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Pocket Edition (PE) and Education Edition.

How to craft Coal block in Minecraft ?

What kind of tool you need to mine coal block?

It can be easily obtained by mining coal which is often found on the surface in mines area and caves.

Tool you need

To collect coal, you need a pickaxe. Without it you can’t mined and the ore will be destroyed instead. A pickaxe is a must needed instrument to mine rocks, metal-blocks, rocky-blocks, ores and many more.


Depending on the material it is made of, a pickaxe can mine more quickly and produce a greater amount of goods from blocks.

The main method for getting coal blocks for placement or crafting in the future is breaking with a pickaxe.

How to mine coal block?

Crafting a coal block

 A Coal Block crafted from regular coal. Because you cannot use charcoal to craft a Coal Block. And this method follows the same regular pattern as other mineral blocks.


Smelting items or use as furnace fuel

You cannot use coal blocks as furnace fuel in Minecraft. To smelt items you should use a lava bucket because coal block takes about 14.2 hours (42 Minecraft days). And it’s a huge time However, you required 576 coal or 9 stacks of coal blocks to smelt the Item.

Using coal block as Fuel / Tips and Tricks

1. In Minecraft, coal serves as an excellent fuel source for stoves. With just one piece of coal block, you can smelt eight blocks, making it a valuable resource.

2. Coal blocks or a bucket of lava is more efficient than using charcoal in case of smelt a large quantity of resources.

3. Storing coal in block form is convenient, especially since these blocks can be directly used as fuel in furnaces. Apart from it’s also function as fuel. Coal is essential for crafting torches and powering Minecraft with furnaces.

4. If you manage to gather good amount of coal, you should store it into blocks for efficient storage, it will allow you stay in base mine more. When a significant amount of coal accumulates, it can be sold lucratively to villagers.

5. If you’re unable to find coal at first attempt, you can create charcoal as an alternative purpose like lighting torches.

Creating sounds with coal blocks

You can produce “bass drum” sounds by placing a Coal Block under note blocks.

Regular Usage of cola block

The Coal Block has multiple uses, such as compact coal storage and being used as a relatively inexpensive construction block.

Usage as alternative of lava bucket

You cannot use coal blocks as alternative of lava bucket in Minecraft. To smelt items in furnace you should use a lava bucket because coal block takes about 14.2 hours (42 Minecraft days). And it’s a huge time However, you required 576 coal or 9 stacks of coal blocks to smelt the Item.

Usage as furnace fuel

As a fuel, a Coal Block can be used in a furnace. It provides 800 seconds (16000 ticks) of burning time, allowing it to smelt 80 items. This duration is ten times longer than that of a single piece of coal and 11% more efficient than using nine individual pieces of coal, which would only smelt 72 items.

However, using single piece of coal in a furnace prevents inactive furnace burn, as it wastes less potential items. When one coal wastes 7 potential items during smelting one item, one block coal wastes 79 potential items at the same time.

That’s why single piece of coal is better than block coal in case of smelting item.

How to create a coal block in Minecraft Survival Mode?

1st, if you are new in Minecraft game, you will get a 2×2 crafting grid that allows you to make normal items. So you have to make a 3×3 crafting grid box first for coal block or anything powerful items you want.

2nd, to upgrade the crafting box into 3×3 grid, you have to make a crafting table it first.

3rd, you will found 3×3 crafting grid as you open crafting table.

5th, you need to fill the crafting boxes with 9 regular coal to create a coal block. And then a new block of coal become visible in the box to the right.

Finally, once you get a block of coal, you have to shift it to your inventory as a new item.

And that’s how you can easily craft a block of coal in Minecraft.