How FBI founded : USA intelligence agency

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Watergate scandal, or 9/11 twin tower attack. All these important and sensitive cases investigated by a Special Agency.

110 years Ago Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte thought that for investigate top secret and sensitive cases there is no special agency in the USA.

then he got an idea.

In 26th July of 1908 By getting permission from president Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Bonaparte established a specialized organization named “Bureau of Investigation”. Bureau of Investigation started their organization with only 34 agents. This organization Handel All the events that can hamper USA national security.

In 1935 Bureau of Investigation turned into “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)”.
Now Federal Bureau of Investigation widely known as FBI in the world.

Result of FBI ?

From drug dealer to big Godfather from Underworld, all Crime handled swiftly by FBI expert agents. More than 100 years this organization take care of USA national security with their special agents and technology. Now FBI have huge number of agents, 35000 in total.
Not only agents some other experts also work for Federal Bureau of Investigation, like Engineer, doctor, linguist, mathematician, even scientist.

FBI Headquarter : J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C., U.S.
FBI Headquarter

FBI have 56 field office around the USA. FBI headquarter is situated in J. Edgar Hoover Building,
Washington, D.C., U.S.

In 1982 FBI create an elite unit named “Hostage rescue team (HRT)” for preventing Crimes at 1984 summer Olympics. it was for preventing crime like the 1972 summer Olympics in Germany. where terrorist murdered some Israeli athletes. HRT acts as dedicated FBI special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team for rescue missions. HRT never take part in investigation instead they focus on tactical efficiency.

In 1984 FBI also formed a special “Computer Analysis and Response Team (CART)” . Cart take care of FBI technological part.

Any 23-37 years old American can apply for FBI agent but they have to face a long term physical and physiological test.

A junior FBI agent gets approx. 47000 USD per year for his service. A senior FBI agent gets approx. 1,30,000 USD per year for his service.

Mulder and Scully from The X-Files
Mulder and Scully

90’s popular tv series “X-Files” two main character Mulder and Scully was real FBI agent.

These FBI agents life is full of adventure, risk, romance like movies. in spite of huge risk many young from USA trying hard to get into the FBI.

15 infamous Cases Handled by FBI

  • American gangster Al Capone ( Scarface )
  • Lindbergh kidnapping
  • Machine Gun Kelly ( George Kelly Barnes )
  • Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow
  • American gangster – John Dillinger
  • Baby Face Nelson ( Lester Joseph Gillis )
  • Black Dahlia ( American actress )
  • Spy Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  • Hollow Nickel Case
  • Alcatraz escape attempt
  • Frank Sinatra Jr. Kidnapping
  • D. B. Cooper ( unidentified man )
  • Patty Hearst
  • Theodore J. Kaczynski ( The Unabomber )
  • Spy Robert Hanssen ( former FBI agent )

These notorious Cases will be published in brief in later posts.

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