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Just think you do not have to worry about your own computer’s ability to play your favorite Open World games. There will be no need to buy hardware at a great price. Just open the browser and choose a game and press the Play button and within a short time, the game will start playing on your PC. There is no need to download or install a huge file.


Sounds like a dream? Google has brought the world closer to such a future by announcing its new cloud gaming service. According to their announcement, only 4 frames per second (fps) of frames (4K) resolutions by Chrome browser can be played and games will not take more than five seconds to start.

At the last GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2019 summit, Google announced the new game streaming service known as ‘Google Stadia’. This project has long been known as ‘Project Stream’. Google is taking all the complexity of stereo games to run big games. The latest versions of the games will be run at very high resolutions and frame rates on their servers. From there, the games will be encoded in the stream and then send to the user. Users can then play games on their desktops, laptops and even smartphones.

google’s cloud gaming venture started with Project Stream named google stadia
Stadia was announced at GDC 2019 in San Francisco on March 19

How will this platform work? In a word, it is going to be the ‘Netflix’ of the gaming industry. Although it’s primarily a cloud gaming service, it does not stop there. From game development to online hosting, accessing it to the user and simultaneously promoting it will come together on this platform. Although there is nothing elaborate until Google Stadia is released, the basic information of this service is so surprising that it will bring huge changes to the video game industry.


The basic information about Stadia :

The worldwide network of Google Data Center will serve as the brain of Stadia.Like Netflix, stadia will allow its users to have a library from which they can start playing their favorite games. No need to download or install. A stable, fast internet connection and the latest version of the Google Chrome browser will be able to enjoy this service. The game will be played from the video link of the styled homepage or specific games on YouTube.

Google has given a minimum set of Internet connections, below which the games will not work well. Maximum 15 Mbps speed, maximum 40 milliseconds latency time (server to user interaction time) and up to 5% of the data loss amount should have an Internet connection. If you run a game in Chrome browser it can be seen across the whole screen just like the gaming computer. During the game, all the gamer’s input will go to Google’s server, it will be applied to the game and this input will make the game’s internal changes return directly as output. That’s why Latency is so important, because if the output is not available with input, then it will lose the gaming experience.

At the start of the Google PlayStation 4 (4K) resolution, 60 frames per second (fps) games will be played later, which will be extended up to 120 frames per second of 8K resolutions.So much higher resolutions and framerate than the standard PC gaming standard. Moreover, none of the GPUs currently has the ability to play games in the quality of 8K.Google will combine GPUs in its data center with software and create the opportunity for high-quality gaming experience according to user demand.

Google GPU’s developer company AMD has been integrated to look at part of Stacey’s graphics processing. AMD will create GPU for Google’s data centers. The company already has enough fame to build processor gaming console. They play the role behind the powerful graphics processors like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.According to the data provided by Google, the styled graphics chip has a capacity of 10.7 teraflops, which means it can handle 10.7 trillion operations in a second. PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X processing power of 4.2 and 6 TierFlapps respectively. In other words, Stadia has more processing power than the combined capabilities of these two consoles.

xbox one x picture
xbox one x

What games will be there? :

Ubisoft has already released his ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ game in Stadia. At the time of the announcement, the game was shown in the stadium. Ubisoft announced the release of their next games on this platform.These games include Trials Rising, Sculls and Bones and Ano 1800.In addition, many games will be seen in the future in stereo with Anriel, Unity and Havoc engines.

google announces that doom will be one of the first titles to be released on stadia
Doom Eternal

During his release, science fiction horror shooter game “Doom Eternal” will remain a big name in his library. The game’s executive producer Marty Stratton said that it took only a week to optimize their game for Stadia.So it can be assumed that other games will be able to join the studio library very easily.

Although Google did not say anything about the game stadia so far, they understood what games they could offer. The stadia platform also gives players the opportunity to invite each other to their own game. This service will open a new door for gaming content creators on YouTube.

Playing games from stadia simultaneously and it will be available to broadcast on youtube. That means a video signal for resolving a four-factor resolution can be sent to YouTube and user devices simultaneously.

google stadia game controller and cloud gaming

Another feature is ‘State share’. If the gamer wants to take someone as a partner in his own gaming adventure, then only you can invite another gamer by creating a Google link. In this way, a gamer will be able to challenge another to a final level or a game boss.

battle royale game apex legends
Apex Legends

The platform will combine two major branches of the modern gaming industry: Developers who create these gaming worlds and content creators who broadcast multiplayer games such as ‘Fortnite’ or ‘Apex Legends’ on YouTube. Stadia spokesman Phil Harrison said,

Playing the game and watching it online, two different worlds are forming a new generation of new game platforms. Our vision is very simple for Stadia. There will be all kinds of games on one platform only. This platform has been created for gamers, inspired by developers and expanded through YouTube developers.

Google Stadia: The era of cloud gaming is going to start
Phil Harrison unveiling Stadia’s capabilities at GDC

Released date of google Stadia:

Stadia will be released in a number of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, sometime in mid-2019. Google has not yet fixed a specific day. A new update of stadia will be announced in June of this year.


Yet a few games have been confirmed which will be in the studio library. Also, before leaving the market, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Stadium gamepad will test. It will also take some time. It is being speculated what will happen in the game studio library in June updates.

Price of google stadia:

Google has not yet announced a price for this service, but Phil Harrison and CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot have mentioned a model of Demo Price, which is far different from other streaming services. Harrison said, there was a process of two years to calculate the price for the service.

We had a tremendous research team for two years to examine Stadia. So we have made some of our own ideas about pricing. We then tested these ideas with the buyers and partners of the games and reached the right conclusions.

A PlayStation Now subscription costs £ 12,99 per month or £ 84,99 per year, giving you unlimited access to over 600 games, with new games added every month
PlayStation now subscription cost

The currently playing Cloud Gaming services, such as PlayStation Now and Shadow, cut monthly expenses of $ 20 and $ 34.95, respectively. Yves Guillemot says that Stadia will fix the price by thinking about both regular and irregular gamers.

I think there are different ways. Either you buy the service with full value and if you buy one hour or two hours a day, then buy.

Multiplayer gaming :

Online multiplayer games are a great obstacle in playing with streaming service. Sometimes the server is not fast enough, as well as the input of the gamers, as well as the output, is enough to get you bothered. To overcome the problem of gamers as a multiplayer gaming platform, Stadia has to take some initiative.

In this case, Google’s first step is the stadia controller. It will connect directly to Google servers via Wi-Fi without connecting to the gamer device. In this method, the speed of input-output will be slightly increased. But Google has kept thinking about the future. They have combined this platform with game engine manufacturers like Havok, Uniti, and unreal, as developers create games directly on stadia. Thus future multiplayer games will be controlled from the stadia server. As a result, the gamer’s input will not need to be sent to two places, including the stadia server and the central server of the game. The gamers will have an attractive gaming experience in them.

In this case, Phil Harrison said,

Developers can create multiplayer games at Google’s Data Center, which is much larger than the multiplayer experience in the current size. Battle Royal Games can now play the highest number of players at the same time, which will be promoted to one thousand players in the future.

most popular engines for smaller game developers are Unity and Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine and Unity

Live streaming :

Google has also released a new feature called ‘Crowd Play’. This feature will allow fans to play online with their favorite YouTube content creators.

If any streamer is broadcasting a game on YouTube, visitors can start playing with that streamer only by pressing a button. YouTube will be playing the games at the same time and become the platform for playing games.

Google has also released a new feature called 'Crowd Play'. This feature will allow fans to play online with their favorite YouTube content creators.

While creating a game, developers mainly focus on the story of the game, the behavior of the game world and multiplayer facilities. Google hopes, after the release of Stadia, developers will be looking at how a game will be presented to the viewer on YouTube in the future.

Google Assistant :

Each stadium gamepad has a ‘Google Assistant’ button. The gamers will be able to enjoy the special features of the games with this button. Google will also advise gamers through their voice assistants if they are trapped in a difficult level within the game.

Google Stadia’s weapon : No cheating, no hacking
Google Stadia’s weapon : No cheating, no hacking

Google claims that its future online games can be played on Google’s server without any hacks or cheat software. In the multiplayer shooter game, some software can be used to automatically target enemy.

Again there are some software that analyzes video and collects enough information about a particular player’s movements. Such activities spoil the multiplayer game environment. Google expects these problems can be solved by their special algorithm even though experts are still quite skeptical about it.

Conclusion :

Google has started a new era for gamers through Stadia. But it is not yet known how long it has been for Google’s authority. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony have gathered together the biggest two consoles of console gaming to create their own cloud gaming services. Understanding, cloud gaming will be the future of the gaming world. In this way, the technology companies will gradually take the gamers to the future of the world, our imaginations will be transformed into reality.

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