Funny dogs Reactions from Cute dogs

if you’ve a pooch, you’d most likely agree that these Lovely creatures are genuine bosses are expert to control us with their funny appearances. whether they’re asking for another treat or demonstrating to you that they want to avoid visiting the vet, only one move of their eyebrows or lips can make you think, “My Dog is an ideal entertainer!”

we’ve searched the web for the for most attractive dogs WHO are praised for their dramatic acting, and here’s what we’ve got!

1. This year Oscar Nominated Actor

3. Not in a good mood but forced to take a picture

4. A sassy Shiba Inu

4. clam hooman, what's so happy ??

5. After having a great weekend

6. I didn't do it .. i saw it like that.

7. what there is no pizza today !!!

8. Can we have a picture for our Magazine ?? ....Here you go !!!

9. Grinning like a boss

10. ok, look suspicious to me