Facebook New features : Secret Crush feature, Video call service


The world’s top social network, Facebook’s Developer Conference, was held at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, USA. On April 30, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the opening day of the conference said his company has been giving more importance to user’s safety than ever before. He also pronounced Facebook’s new motto : “The Future is Private.


In addition to giving top priority to security, Zuckerberg has announced to introduce new features, applications and services to make Facebook more attractive to users. He has expressed the hope that he will rewrite/redesign all the relevant products related to Facebook. With Facebook website and the facebook app, messenger app, WhatsApp and Instagram are also going through the process of reform.

Facebook update Fb5 amazing new features
Facebook new update announcement at F8 conference

It is still a mystery to know exactly when Facebook and Facebook-related services will change. Because there was no specific date mentioned in Zuckerberg’s declaration. But already many have noticed that there have been some significant changes to Facebook’s website and app. So we can hope that the changes in other services will change very quickly.

Let’s know exactly what changes are going on in the social media world : Instagram, messenger app, Oculus VR headset, Facebook Portal and Secret Crush feature

Facebook’s new design FB-5 :

The company is designating the new design of Facebook as “FB-5”. Because there are many different changes in the design of Facebook, but it will be fifth big change for facebook. This change has been divided into two parts – changes in mobile apps, and website changes. In the Facebook logo we have seen the excesses of blue. But in the new logo, the Facebook text is in blue, but the empty space has been kept in white color.

facebook new update for messenger watch together
Facebook update : FB-5

Already the change in the mobile part of Facebook has started working on the updated Facebook app for Android and iPhone users. In addition, the changes will be seen in other versions “within the next few months.”

However, users may have to wait a bit longer to see the change in the desktop version of Facebook. Because Facebook officially told nothing about this.

New messenger app :

There are some update coming up for facebook messenger app . We also have to wait for “any time later this year”.

According to the Facebook authorities, they are going to rebuild the Messenger app, the main purpose behind which is to make it faster and more reliable. All new features available in the newly created app with old features , as well as Facebook giving users the opportunity to watch any other video during the video chat with someone in Messenger Contacts. This new feature has been named “Watch Together”.

facebook messenger new features
Facebook messenger new features

For the desktop, the Facebook authorities have begun to rebuild a pair of messenger, one for Windows operating systems, the other for Mac OS. In this new version of Messenger, the benefits of Facebook Messenger will be available in full.

And lastly, there will be a new “Close Friends” section in Messenger, from which users can easily find out the stories and messages of those friends, with whom they talk most.

Group development :

The update process has started for both public and private groups of Facebook. The first change that can be seen is that a new group tab in the mobile app of Facebook. The group tab that appears in the Facebook app now does not seem to be very different than new one. But within a few months when new group tabs will be unveiled, many new features can be found here.

For example, now you have to find different groups according to your own interest. But then Facebook will automatically give you suggestions for joining different groups based on your interests.

Facebook desktop new messenger and web design - FB5
desktop version change

Groups will also have chat rooms. Different group arrangements for gaming will be there. In the Health Group you will get the opportunity to post differently by hiding your identity with the help of the admin. And job groups have the opportunity to apply for a job as per your own list.

These changes in the group may not come in at once. Rather than, there are more chances of changes coming in for several months.

Instagram update :

Maybe the biggest update to Instagram is going to be a new camera, which will be available “within the next few weeks”. The updated camera will have special “Create Mode“, which allows you to easily add effects and stickers to your Instagram post. Apart from this, this new feature will help you to upload some other content such as quizzes, polls, etc. Apart from traditional pictures or video uploads in Instagram , a new feature will also be added, by which various products can be purchased from Instagram app. It will give opportunity to the artists, athletes and creative producers.

Instagram new features
Instagram new features will be available soon

Experiments are also being conducted to set up a new system in Instagram, which will disappear from all the likes of a person’s feed, so that you can go to the feed and give full attention to what he has shared like pictures, videos or other content. Without watching how much likes he get. Initially, this new feature will be introduced in Canada, and if it gets popularity there, it may also be exposed to other countries.

Oculus VR headset :

From now , two new Oculus headsets are available for pre-order, whose shipping will start from May 21. One of these new two VR headsets is the Oculus Rift, which can be connected to PCs, and the other is the Oculus Quest. Automatically operated headsets will have the advantage of camera tracking, and both will be priced at $399 each. According to many technology experts, this wireless headset will be this year’s world’s best gadget additions.

oculus quest and oculus rift price and update by facebook
Oculus quest

Portal update :

in this year, new smart display of Facebook, “Facebook Portal” will start shipping in Europe. However, a list of products available in some countries has yet to be released.

Facebook portal new update
Facebook portal

Besides, there will be a new portal app, which allows you to add a picture directly from your camera roll to the “SuperFrame” feature. Besides, this summer, Facebook will add video message, Flash Briefing, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Live etc. services. With Facebook’s own filter system

Secret Crush feature :

Facebook announced a new feature at its F8 conference for Dating, this option apparently designed to help single person to find new date from their Friends by adding them to a private list of people whose you’re crushing on.

Facebook’s Secret Crush feature
new update feature : Secret Crush

Suppose, you select 6 people on your crush list then these 6 people will get a notification about it but they can’t saw your name.But if you are on their crush list also then a new chat window will create automatically for both of you.

Google also update their new cloud gaming and some other features also. watch update about google cloud gaming update here.


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