Chernobyl Forest : Where Nature Win Over Radiation

Chernobyl, the biggest nuclear accident in history. It is known as the “Chernobyl disaster” in the world.

In 1986, On 25th & 26th April 1986, 130 km. north from the capital Kyiv near the city Pripyat ( Pryp’yat’ ) of Ukraine “Chernobyl power plant” saw the great disaster.

As a result of steam explosion and fire in reactor core spread out in the air Cause 400 times more harmful radiation in the atmosphere than Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan).

Although the total number of death was never determined 30 people died as a result of immediate after effect and also approx. 14 more people died within next 10 years with radioactive contamination. About 4000 victims were faced a lot of fatal diseases along with thyroid cancer.

Chernobyl disaster : Chernobyl now turned into a forest with many wild animals
Chernobyl : Gas Mask

More than 100,000 people evacuate the area immediately. This area is not suitable for living from when Chernobyl was declared as an exclusion zone for the next 20000 years. So, about 2600 square km. area around the Chernobyl still remain inappropriate for people habitation as an exclusion zone.

For preventing radiation sarcophagus build around the reactor. But it’s started damaging gradually. Many European countries and organizations help to build a new sarcophagus of 110 meters high and 36000-ton weight. It’s one of the biggest Construction in the world till now. But the radiation is so high that each rod will take more than 10 years to damage fully.

But nature can change anything with her unbelievable power. Nature takes only two decades to regain the city which was built by destroying nature. Then whole city turned into a young forest. Without any kind of plantation, nature reclaimed the city with its own power.

As soon as nature retrieve the area various kind of animals and birds also come here to make their home. At First it seems that they are seasonal guest here. But later it was discovered that the abandoned city turned into wild animals’ permanent home.

Now the wild animal rate of Chernobyl is higher than any Europe’s wild animal richest area.

Rare Przewalski's Horse In Chernobyl Forest
Przewalski’s Horse in Chernobyl

You can see deer everywhere in Chernobyl. Rare Przewalskis’ Horse is a common animal in Chernobyl. Surprisingly in this forest now you can found hunter animals like wolf, hyenas (wild dogs). These hunters come to the place where plenty of other animals available.

Chernobyl proved that if we give enough time and place to nature then nature can recover it by itself. Now every year 10000 tourist visit Chernobyl to see how an abandoned city looks like.

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