Apple update announced With new features


Apple just announced their new product, new updates, new features at annual Worldwide Developer Conference in san jose .They announced new :

  • AppleTV Console controllers
  • Multi user support for AppleTV
  • Apple Watch with Watch OS 6
  • iOS 13 with dark mode for iPhone
  • Apple AirPod/CarPlay/HomePod Updates
  • New iPadOS
  • New Mac Pro
  • New 6k Pro Display XDR
  • New MacOS Catalina
  • New developers features

Let’s get brief of these new Apple features and Upcoming product :

New features of watchOS 6 announced at WWDC Apple 2019 update
WatchOS 6

New features of watchOS 6 :

  • New app store only for apple watch.
  • New apps that can be run without the help of iPhone apps.
  • A calculator ( can add a tip and split the bill ), new voice memo, and audiobook apps.
  • New audio stream features which allow user on-the-go streaming to listen directly from the internet.
  • A noise detection features which detect noise level and warning user about high decibel level. But it can’t record or save any audio.
  • An Apple’s Health app which keeps track women’s menstrual cycle.
iOS 13 with dark mode for iPhone
iOS 13 with Dark Mode

iOS 13 with dark mode for iPhone :

Current iPhone is going to get a new big update for their os which named “iOS 13”. public can use this update from july and will be available for everyone on this “Fall”. New features on iOS 13 is :

  • 50% smaller apps then before.
  • Apps launch 2x faster than before.
  • New “Dark Mode” a new dark interface for get rid of the bright interface.
  • Swipe keyboard: a new built in swipe keyboard from Apple.
  • With built-in apple music app user can use Time-synced lyrics.
  • Update features for Reminder app like remind you to tag people onto a reminder it will appear when you iMessaging with them.
  • Sign in with Apple account : now user can install apps using their Apple account.
  • Memojis get new update features like makeup, AirPods, and, piercings, new hats, yes, different teeth.
  • User can able to rotate videos from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait also can add color grad in the built-in app.
  • User can set a voicemail for unknown caller which phone will send automatically.
  • Apple new updated maps with features like google Streetview.
AirPod/CarPlay/HomePod update announced at WWDC by apple
Apple HomePod

Apple AirPod/CarPlay/HomePod Updates :

  • Airpod can read incoming masseges.
  • iPhone can be used for faster “phone to the speaker” streaming for Homepod.
  • Carplay will have a new user interface, features like Siri can be used with third-party apps like Pandora, Waze.
New iPadOS announced by Apple , from now they will use iPadOS for ipad

New iPadOS :

now ipad will be use their new OS named “iPadOS“. which have some amazing features like :

  • Widgets can be pinned on Homescreen.
  • Slideover mode for faster app switching.
  • Files app with iCloud folder sharing with new browsing modes, also support external drives and SD Cards.
  • In Safari, websites will be always in desktop mode with 30 new keyboard shortcut like opening links in a background tab, emailing pages, etc.
  • Apple Pencil latency will be 9ms which was 20ms before.
  • New gestures will be available.
Apple brought Mac Pro a new "cylinder-style" or trash can styled Mac pro
Mac Pro

New Mac Pro :

Apple brought a new “cylinder-style” or trash can styled Mac pro which will be available in this fall with features :

  • Up to 28-core Intel Xeon processor
  • system memory of upto 1.5 terabytes
  • 8 internal PCI slots ( 4 double-wide, 3 single-wide, 1 half-length slot for an IO board ) with 2 USB-3 ports and 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • 1.4-kilowatt power supply
  • lesser noise as iMac pro.
  • Moving Wheels for easy moving.Announced base model will be coming with :
  • 8-core Xeon
  • 32GB memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • Which will be cost $5999.
New 6k Pro Display XDR announced by Apple for 2019 update at WWDC
Pro Display XDR with new Mac Pro

New 6k Pro Display XDR :

New Pro Display XDR will have some amazing features :

  • 32-inch display with 6016×3384 (6k) resolution.
  • handle up to 1000nits of brightness cause entire back of the device will act as a heatsink and remove heat from the main panel.
  • Anti-reflective glass, for reduce glare there will be nano-texture technology.

Cost :

  • Pro Display XDR without nano-texture – $4,999 (without stand )
  • Pro Display XDRwit “nano-texture” etched – $5,999 ( without stand )
  • The stand – $999.
MacOS Catalina, new new macOS by Apple announced at WWDC
MacOS Catalina

New MacOS Catalina :

There was 3 Available macOS: Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.
now a new macOS called “MacOS Catalina” will be available for the user.

  • Now iTunes functionality is divided into three new apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.
  • there will be no iTunes pop-ups every time user connect their iPhone.
  • Project Catalyst which codename known as “Marzipan”.
  • let developer quickly retune their iPad apps.
Apple brings some new features for the developers ARKit 3, SwiftUI. Minecraft Earth showed for ARKit 3 demo
Minecraft Earth Early Build Demonstrate Using ARKit 3

New developers features :

Apple brings some new features for the developers also. they are :

  • ARKit 3 : New version of Apple’s augmented reality framework Which allowing AR objects to render in front of/behind people in view which demonstrated with Minecraft Earth.
  • SwiftUI : New framework for building interfaces for Swift apps with features like screen rotation, and dark mode.
Apple announced new AppleTV Console controllers
AppleTV Console Controllers

AppleTV Console Controllers :

AppleTV will be compatible with Xbox One and Playstation Dualshock controllers, allow user to play game from apple upcoming gaming service Apple Arcade.

Multi user support for AppleTV announced at WWDC
AppleTV Multi-user Profile

Multi user support for AppleTV :

Now AppleTV user can create multi-user profile like Netflix. Which will useful for family members.

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