Amityville horror : Real Story of The Amityville Horror House

Amityville horror story began when Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his whole family . DeFeo Jr. killed his parents, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters while they are sleeping. But the main story is not began yet.

So, let’s Dig out the whole story behind Amityville Horror House

November 13, 1974: Long Island, New York. Suddenly Gunfire on one of the bedrooms of Amityville House’s! Not once, four times in a row! Before that assassin fire four times with his point Thirty-Five Marlin Rifle. These shots killed Ronald Defeo, wife Lewis Defeo, and four children. It’s 3:15 at night whole 112 Ocean Avenue is quiet and calm.

amityville ghost : Ronald DeFeo Jr. who killed his whole family in amityville
Ronald DeFeo Jr. who killed his whole family in amityville

After that horrific night, the house was empty for almost a year. By saving a huge sum of money, a person named George Lutz bought the infamous house. But George Lutz stayed only for 28 days !!!

trouble started from the very first night, What’s the trouble? Such trouble, which may never happen before in any other haunted house!

There was Green substance leak from keyhole and walls. Pigs with big bright Red eyes in the window. Sleeping Mrs. Lutz woke up in the air, it also happened with their two sons, Christopher and Daniel. Every day at 3:15, they have to wake up with a ghostly sound. Also bad odor around the house, along with lots of fleas and the haunting coolness in some places of the house.

Finally, Losing patience Lutz family have to leave the house. However, As the last attempt, George and Kathy Lutz called a priest. But the priest can’t do anything, also he has to leave the house with some haunted memory.

amityville horror house : A real ghost story
Real image : Amityville horror house

Lutz family’s horror experience spread gradually over the whole town. Someone said, that the Amityville House is really the ghost house. Someone else said that the whole thing is just a hoax – Lutz family doing this intentionally for getting some profit.

Whatever the truth, in the end, Lutz family get some profit in their pocket by selling this story!

On February 13, 1976, for the first time, Lutz couple came in front of the media. They tell every detail about their worst 28 days. After this press conference, they need not look back. People all over the America was fascinated with the Amityville haunting house story.

A research team is formed to study on the Amityville’s haunted house, To handle the overwhelming crowd of visitors, 112 Ocean Avenue’s narrow streets have to face trouble. Coincidentally, the results of research strongly support the panic of Amityville.

Researcher team said that a long time before the DeFeo massacre, some of the Chinook Indian Tribe run a Mental hospital in Amityville. This mental hospital story was enough For making Lutz family story legendary.

Real lutz family from amityville horror story
Real Lutz Family

From that ancient period, almost all the American horror stories tribal elements were an integral and evil part, which could not be denied by Stephen King ( American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy novels ) also.

In that time Jay Anson ( American author ) meet Lutz couple. Jay Anson Buy their “Amityville Experience” Copyright. It was the expectation of George and Kathleen Lutz also because of their debt.

In September 1977 ‘The Amityville Horror: A True Story‘ written by Jay Anson came to the market. Jay Anson’s most famous work was The Amityville Horror. For this book, Anson is famous worldwide. In that time people were very much interested in Amityville House so when the book published people buy the book in greater number. Apart from this book, Anson’s, no other book was that famous.

The Amityville Horror : original book cover
The Amityville Horror : Jay Anson ( original Book Cover )

‘The Amitivel Horror’ is on the Best Sellers list for 42 Weeks. Until 1981, 37 editions of this book were published, 6.5 million copies were sold. It is not the end here, this book’s copywrite sold for a high price for making the movie “The Amityville Horror“. Also “The Amityville Horror” screenplay written by Anson.

So far everything was going well, But a new family called “Cromarty” creat trouble. Jim and Barbara Cromarty shift in the Amityville House in the spring of 1977. The Lutz family sold the house exactly 14 months ago. Cromarty family didn’t face anything haunted for a single time after they shifted into the Amityville. They spent about a decade long in the so-called haunted house without any trouble. Cromarty couple file a case against Lutz family and Jay Anson. They file case for writing ‘A True Story‘ in the title of Anson book. This incident raised doubts about Lutz couple and J. Anson among journalist and the general public. Lawyer William Weber Provocate the incident by saying “The whole thing was a con”.

original image of The Cromarty couple
The Cromarty couple ( image source : Amityville FAQ )

FYI : Lutz couple came to the media for the first time at the William Weber office. Also William Weber was lawyer for The defendants of the DeFeo murder case.

Anson and George Lutz have to face many questions. But Mr. and Mrs. Lutz pass the Lie Detector Test. Even though Anson or Lutz couple is no longer alive today but You’ll get Daniel Lutz in Queens in New York. He will tell you how the cursed house has ruined his entire family And how dreadful nightmare chasing him even today.

So, We can’t decide how much truth or how much false The story of Amityville Horror by watching “The Amityville Horror” or by reading “The Amityville Horror : A true story”. But even today you can research about the story cause based on the 28 days spent in the house ,there are 23 movie released and lots of Books and documentaries published.

At the end a bonus for you ( why Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his whole family ) : Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed whole DeFeo family because of two million dollars of Life insurance. His current address, Fallsburg’s Prison.

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