Akula : World Largest Submarine

Everyone realized Importance of submarine on war during world war II. that’s why during cold war United states and soviet union spend so much money on submarine. But for quality race united states overtake soviet union.

United States Ohio-class submarine were patrolled undersea without any noise. These submarine had 24 nuclear bombs containing Trident missile which can target and attack enemy from 4600 miles.

Akula : The world's largest submarine ever built
Akula : The world’s largest submarine ever built

In reply soviet union president Leonid Brezhnev announce to build nuclear submarine. And then soviet union come with “Akula” which means shark in English. this submarine was 48000-ton weight and 574 feet long though it had 27 knots speed per hour which was the highest speed in that time.

For wrapped with thick metal body it had heavy wide . its front part was build for breaking north’s hard ices. Akula had 2 nuclear powerhouse which generate half-million horsepower. There was large gymnasium, swimming pool and a huge space for indoor games. It was like a base camp under the sea. it had 100 kiloton nuclear bombs which contained by 10 missile. each of them was 6x powerful and destructive than little boy ( the bomb destroyed Hiroshima ) . With them soviet union could easily destroy USA from north region. it also had so many torpedo missile and anti-aircraft missiles . Overall it was the best submarine in 80th century.

3D view of akula submarine
3D view of Akula

Cost : estimated $1.55 billion ( In 1995 dollars )
Built : 1983–1999
Active Akula -class Submarine : 5 (4 active + 5 on modernization in Russia, 1 active in India )
Retired : 3