Agatha Christie’s pending disappearance mystery

The Day Agatha Christie Went Missing

The day was Friday, December 3, 1926. It was 9 pm on the clock . Famous mysteries and romantic novelist Agatha Christie stand up from her armchair. She came to Berkshire’s Rosalind’s house . Her seven-year-old girl is sleeping deeply. After a little kiss on the baby’s forehead, she came down again after saying goodnight. Then came out of the house.Riding in her favorite car morris coulis, She slowly disappeared in the dark.

then nobody found her in the next 11 days.

Agatha Christie disappearance was a mystery
Agatha Christie

Search for Agatha began

In this sudden disappearance of the famous writer, State’s highest authorities was serious about this incident. At least a thousand police personnel were deployed to find her. Hundreds of ordinary fans-followers also leave the house and try to find out their favorite writers . Even for the first time in history, aircraft used to find a person.

Home Secretary william joynson hicks urged the police force to find the writer in the fastest time. Also two most popular crime writer in Britain – Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lord Peter Wimsey series author Dorothy L. Sayers were also called for help. The only hope was that, these two great authors will use their vast knowledge of crime to find Agatha Christie.

Police did not take much time to find Agatha Christie’s car. It was found abandoned in a narrow slope of Newlands Corner near Guildford. But there was no trace of lost writer in the car. Even there were no signs that the car fall due to accident.

Agatha missing conspiracy

The investigation is going on in full force. One day spent then two days, three days spent but nobody could find Agatha. After each day spent, the crowd grew Suspicious. Each one them began to Thinking of different possibilities. The newspapers were not sitting there. They also wrote their own conspiracy theories and filled the paper.

Agatha Christie as a child : Born in Torquay in 1890, Agatha Christie became, and remains, the best-selling novelist of all time.
Agatha Christie as a Child

After all it was a perfect real mystery story. Agatha Christie’s own genre of whodunnit’s stories all the elements was available there.

Silent pool story

There was a natural waterfall named “Silent Pool” where the car was found In the abandoned condition. A few days ago two children dead bodies were found there. The journalists match these two incident in there writing. They write that – Agatha Christie has committed suicide by deliberately drowning in the water of the waterfall.

But nobody found any dead body near the waterfall or in the waterfall. Moreover, there is no strong motive to commit suicide immediately. She was passing the best time of her professional life as a writer. Her 6th novel “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” is still running in bookstores. Agatha Christie is a well-known name in every Britain house.

Publicity stunt or Archibald Christie

Many people came forward with new possibilities. They firmly believe that the whole incident is merely a publicity stunt. Agatha Christie deliberately disappeared, so that her next book could break all previous records. However, some people came with a new possibility. Rumors spread in the air, Agatha Christie was murdered by her husband Colonel Archibald Christie who was a pilot during World War I.people spread rumor that Agatha’s husband murdered her cause he had a relation.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is very interested in Black magic. He started trying to take help of the supernatural power to solve the mystery. He appeared with a pair of old Gloves, used by Agatha Christie, to a reputed medium. Hopefully, the medium can understand where the author is. But he (medium) also failed.

Dorothy Sayers was pragmatic. She tried to Observe the place where the car found to solve the mystery. She searched for any valuable source available. But she was failed. When the search of Agatha has reached the second week, the news of Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance spread worldwide. The New York Times published This news in their first page with utmost importance, on the .

The world's best-selling author of all time Agatha Christie in Istanbul
Agatha Christie With her book

Return of Agatha

On December 14, after 11 days of disappearance, finally police discovered Agatha Christie. she was found with safe and sound body in a hotel in Harrogate . But it was more puzzled than before because the author herself can not even remember what happened, why she was so far away from her house.

Daily Herald, 15 December 1926, announcing Christie had been found at Harrogate hotel
Christie found at Hydro Hotel ( The Old Swan Hotel )

So the police try to bringing together all the sources to reach a conclusive result. They concluded with the different equations that, At first Agatha Christie left home for going to the London . But in midway, her car was hit by an accident, and fell into a ditch ( trench or drain ). Then she took a train and went to the Harrogate (Town in England). There she went to Swan Hydro Hotel, now known as the Old Swan Hotel. There was almost nothing with her in the hotel. Another strange thing, when she was booking the hotel, she used the name “Theresa nil”, which is the name of her husband’s Extramarital affair (another wife) name!

Christie in Town Harrogate

In the 1920s, the Harrogate was at the top of the aristocracy . And while there, Agatha Christie did nothing unusual, so nobody suspect anything about her. She was regularly taking part in Ballroom dance and Palm Court. Nobody could recognize that she was the most famous writer. Finally, one of the hotel’s banjo players, Bob Tappin, recognized her. At the same time, he informed the police about this. Police informed this to Agatha Christie’s husband, Colonel Archie Christie.

Colonel Archie Christie rushed there after hearing the news. But Agatha Christie had no intention of returning to the house. She spent a lot of time by going to her house to change her clothes. And during that time, Colonel Archie Christie waited in the hotel lounges .

Agatha again focus on writing after return to home with her husband Colonel Christie. But she did not open her mouth about what happened exactly from 3 to 14 December 1926, this 11 days.

Why Agatha Christie go missing?

According to her husband, due to a car accident Agatha totally forgot everything happen in these 11 days . But Agatha Christie’s biographer Andrew Norman believes that she was probably suffering from a Psychogenic trans or psychoanalytic hypothesis for 11 days, which could be due to a major mental incident or depression.

Norman also thinks that, Agatha Christie’s developing a new personality called Theresa Neil and not being able to recognize her own photograph in the magazine, was mainly a sign of amnesia or Memory loss.

Norman said,

I believe she (Agatha Christie) became suicidal at that time. Her mental condition was very bad. Later, in the autobiographical novel ‘Unfinished Portrait’, she described the mental condition of that time through the character of Celia.

Agatha Christie got well Shortly after the disappearance and the drama of coming back. Later she did not accept her husband’s Extramarital affair. In 1928 she gave divorce to Archibald Christie , and in 1930 she married Sir Max Mallowan , a prominent archaeologist.

Agatha Christie and her second husband sir Max Mallowan a prominent British archaeologist
Agatha Christie

In the end of all Agatha Christie’s stories or novels the whole mystery becomes clear as the light of day before our eyes . But this mysterious chapter of her own life is so complicated and complex that maybe even Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple could not find solutions to this mystery.

Notable Works From Agatha Christie

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